Helloween Meteors are not rendering



Not possible to mine Helloween Meteors who are not droping in render Range.

Only possible to mine Meteors who drop in render Range, can we get a fix for this please?


Hey See! (hehe, great pun! :laughing:)

We’re running some tests to see what could be the cause of this. One theory is that certain areas of the map are causing the meteors to despawn after they hit the ground. A second theory is that, as you say, they don’t remain if they’re outside render range.


…i guess it’s the rendering thing, as we have a Meteor falling Spot in front of our base with 1-2 meteors falling out of rendering range and only those disappear…


I wasn’t sure if this was a working as intended thing to prevent mass farming or a bug.

When you encounter a zone that has meteor activity the spawns in play don’t appear but if you hold position for the next wave (15 minutes) the old ones do appear, just long enough to break and despawn. On a few occasions I have even been caught between showers where I farmed out the old spawn and the new one. So the nodes are producing meteors, you just don’t get the render if you weren’t there for it.

Again, I wasn’t sure if they did this on purpose or not. I have enough spots mapped now (so I can yield s spot to lower level players if I need to) that I could circuit farm them and be hitting meteors non stop with a 50 encumberance build. It might be better left the way it is.


For me, the nodes are only visible if they fall right next to me. If they drop farther away (but I can still hear them crash), and I run to where they dropped, I can only see the sparkles.


Same with me. I have to physically virtually be present


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