Bug - meteors are not showing more


Game mode: Online Official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PVP
Region: EU

Cant farm more meteors, they are not showing, just purple smoke like on this screenshot


I get the same thing. it usually happens that they dont load if I am two far away from the fall point and try to run to it. it just shows a blank spot with the smoke. the hit box is there and I can get stuck or stand on the meteor but the image never loads and no loot can be gotten from it.


Same here. Run several times to harvest meteors but only smoke was there and it was not harvestable…


Yup. same here. online pve.

We found the meteors drop every 20 minutes and exactly in the same spots. So if you stay there where the smoke is on the next round you’ll be able to loot them. The issue is when you are out of render, you try to come in but the meteors will not be visible.


Hey guys!

We’re aware of this issue and we’re working on patching in another build to improve this. The bug is that the meteors are still there, but they’re not getting the correct 3D model from the server, causing them to turn invisible. This will be patched out.


Thanks, Jens. Glad you figured it out.


Erik, sometimes i can farm them but 90% of time i cant see them. Thx for reply


I figured out, you have to be in the dropzone Area when they fall from heaven so they show up for you.

If you are NOT close enouth and run to the place after the shower, you only can see the particles but the meteorite’s are invisible and not farmable. But you can stumble over the imaginary Meteorites. No chance to harvest them if you are to late.


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