Meteors not falling?

On a private server, been playing for almost 6 days and not once have I seen a meteor, even searched the whole of the north western part where they’re suppose to fall, 8 times I’ve searched and not a single one?

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I know they’re still working in SP on PC.
I just watched a meteor shower last night and then collected 5 nodes. I found six but one was indestructible…

Is there something special you have to do for them to fall or do they just fall, no matter what level or anything?

I don’t think anything in particular triggers them.
I got my first node before I was even high enough level to use star metal.

Twice after clearing the frost temple, I walked outside and meteors were on the ground.
Maybe try that, but I do see them rain from above without doing anything special.


I never see meteor showers when standing still either, it’s always when I’m running around doing something.

I have stood still for a couple hours before while staring in the direction from which meteors come with my game taking screenshots every second, yet they never appeared. I think we have to be active.

I do know meteors despawn upon a server restart but it seems to be a random interval for when a meteor shower is triggered after logging in.

In my case, I never saw a meteor shower yet… nor heard the sound that supposedly they do when they hit the ground… yet, while roaming around the frozen area I’ve found many landed meteors in areas around me…

Is like, I turn around and I can see the fumes come from the floor in the distance of a meteor impact. Yesterday, I went with the sole purpose of harvesting star metal to an area where I know they are normally, and found 5 all around, and yet I never saw the meteor shower that produced them :confused:

I don’t know what’s happening, but it certainly seems to be some weirdness going on.

BTW, I play on a local dedicated server (but sill, same as single player mode) and I only restart the server to update some mod if it’s needed… other than that, I sent my comp to sleep at night and awake it on the morning and the server keeps running.

If it’s a dedicated server then it’s likely that meteors are simply falling when you’re not on.
Even in SP i frequently find them already on the ground; I don’t think you have to be in that area for meteor showers to occur.

Ah gotcha… you just have to be lucky then, and be in the right area at the right time, I guess :thinking:

Also, it’s always gloomy and cloudy in that frozen area, at least for me, but I hope I can still see some meteor showers even with that weather :stuck_out_tongue:

I think so.

I recall reading a thread where someone said they used to be able to see meteor showers all the way from the Mitra statue in the desert. I don’t know how true this is though, I’ve never seen it from that far away myself.
It’s commonly foggy and gloomy at the base of the mountains, but it’s pretty clear when I climb up.


Just caught this a few minutes ago.


This game has meteor showers? That’s cool!

Oops… cannot watch atm… behind a proxy that blocks youtube :frowning: Will watch as soon as I end my work session though! Thanks for capturing it :slight_smile:

Not a problem.

A browser-based VPN such as UltraSurf should circumvent that, but I don’t want to get you in trouble.

I’m already pushing it by browsing this forum lol

I work from home, so no trouble for that part, but if they analyze the proxy logs they’ll probably end blocking this forum too… I’ll end my work session in a couple of hours and I’ll watch it then… no worries!

(I wish I could at least add it to my watch later list but no luck! I’ll leave this thread bookmarked instead :slight_smile: )

Nah. Surely you’re only here for work-related research.

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Sure! Of course! :innocent: lol

If you’re on a private server where you can install mods or if you’re running singleplayer, then install Pippi mod. It has a function to trigger a meteor storm.

I just watched the video! Thanks :slight_smile: It looks really cool! Gonna spend some time around that lake, and see if I can catch one on my own.

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Nice! I have Pippi installed and have not used it for anything yet… I thought about using it for creating custom teleport points, but I didn’t want to mess with the Admin panel too much… yet… at least not until I unlock the map room… and I have ways to go yet :slight_smile: I just wanted to play the game as long as I could without touching it!

But if I get no meteor shower and I grow impatient, I might do that… I’d prefer to get them naturally as I play the game, though! But thanks for the suggestion!

No problem. Good luck.
Sometimes I’ll spend a couple hours over there and not see one at all. But after I took that video, I saw another one within an hour.

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