Is the meteor shower broken?

Ever since the patch came out we have not had a Meteor Shower, it has been 3 days, is it falling still or is it broken?

Ive seen many reports in this very forum that they dont happen after patch.

well that suxs, Thank you

In single player mode the star metal never fell before the patch. At least not for me

It is super rare and waiting for 5 hours for one to fall is not rare for me. I built myself a tall tower near the temple on the cliff, leave the game open wtih sound and just watch a movie or two and wait for the sound of the falling meteor. I tested it out and just playing the game for 10 hours in another biome and then trying to find any meteor pieces on the ground does not work. I used the fly command to scout around everywhere and there is just nothing. It seems to only trigger if you wait in the area for the meteor for 5+ hours. Which is just ridiculous for singleplayers like me.

I’ve never seen a meteor shower in single player either. I have seen a few star metal nodes though.

If there are more player and someone is in the area it might trigger the shower and this is why you see some sometimes.

I just had a meteor shower on my small server, but the node that spawned the closest actually had the shell break on impact. I had to climb up to it before it despawned. More may be falling, but if the shell breaks, you don’t have long to get to it.

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