Hanumans grotto and a thrall

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So I love the monkey pets and I had all the hearts, but the 50 weight of each is crazy. Luckily I had a thrall. My thing is the thrall disappears through the middle of the cave ( at the point before you meet the pan wearing imp) and doesn’t reappear til you are at the Valis guy. Pathing bug? I’ve been able to reproduce 100% of the time 3 times now. Same spot without fail. He also disappears the same way on the way out and doesn’t reappear til I exit.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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Hello @Huzzah, thank you for letting us know, we’ll register this behavior for the developers to look into as it’s likely an issue!

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I was in there Saturday, and my thrall was nowhere to be found. I could hear her fighting & yelling about Set, eating hearts, blah, blah, blah, but I had no idea where she was.

Valis was not in the chamber either. I looked up and saw a hole above the statue. I ran outside and was joined by the thrall. We ran up on top of the area into the dunes, and there was Valis, with half of his health gone. While I was in the cave, she was up top fighting him.

This seems like an odd bug. It only happened once out of four trips.

This is confirmed

Can confirm as well

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