Harassment Xbox 2509

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Sever 2509 I’m reporting for harassment he keeps putting thralls names after my character around the sever named (redacted) I told him multiple times to take them down and he wouldn’t please help make him stop I’ve been on the sever For years I don’t deserve this

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You are on your own pal. Pvp servers can be like that. Good luck!

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Tattle much? Do you need me to talk to their mommy for you? Maybe you did something first to cause that type of action? I’m thinking you are probably not as innocent as you’re trying to make yourself sound. I bet since you have been in there years (your words not mine) you probably think you own it, and that person is just retaliating. Maybe you should take a hard look at your own actions? Or move to a PVE server where feelings won’t be hurt. Either way this is not the place to report that, there is an actual form to fill out. Did you take screenshots? They will need them.


He’s naming his thralls after your character? Not sure what good that will do. Unless he’s using them to attack other peoples bases and get them to think its you. Thats if your on PvP anyways.

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Banned from your server,? your clan mate (one of them) has posted all over the forum about who is wrongly banned, but yet your alternate gets on and is updating the bases and you are even getting on to play while your clan mates wait it out by following the RULES. Breaking the rules is the problem from the start and yet you can not deal with half of what you’ve dealt. Seems to me that you need to look at a mirror. I’m sure when you break things, it’s someone else’s fault. That guy, can not play the game without a skiwall around his base? Who is harassing who?

I have screen shots of the thrall

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