Harbingers of Order (Rp,Discord,Modded Server)

The Harbingers of Order

We are looking for Role players who enjoy a variety of role play.
We are a Rp group playing on the Exiles map. It is RP primarily but PvP may happen on occasion if RP dictates.

We are seeking RPers.

RPers will share a starting meta RP. The meta RP is that sometime after their back story and shortly after their exile to the exiled lands they will be approached by the Harbingers and become a member of a clan united with other clans which form the Harbingers.

We do action RP, D20 events for detailed or contested situations, Storytelling D20 events, in character PvE content and dialog based chat RP.

All in-character interactions are text based or in game interaction. Voice and global chat is out of character.

If you are interested the first step is to:

  • Send a friend invite via Steam to Scornstar with a message you saw this post.
    From there you will be given more detailed instruction on how to join after a time is agreed upon to walk you through the process of joining us.

We have also added in Game Events, Established Settlements, and a D20 system for detailed D&D style events as well.

Current mods in play are

  • Fashionista,
  • Armor E Weapon,
  • Witch Doctors,
  • Deadlands: Armory
  • LCDA_beastiary 1.1.0
  • Nokecity’s Vampire Attacks and Items
  • BloodBath
  • The Purge- A lot of enemies 2.1
  • Desert Town
  • Lust Goddess Armor Set
  • Kerozards Paragon Leveling -Reloaded- v2.4.1
  • Amunets Dungeon Assets - v0.945
  • Lemurian Architect
  • Savage Steel
  • Crassus
  • Glass Constructions and more
  • Pippi-User & Server Management-v3.9.5

We are also in the process of creating our own mods and custom items for each different clan.

We have a variety of different clans you can join such as:

Followers of the Red Path

  • A vampire sub-sect of the claw, who are hunters of mortal and supernatural threats to the vampire kind, the human food supply and breeding stock. The Red Path clan may be for you.

Cult of Baram Nor

  • A Set worshiping monotheistic settlement, trying to expand Stygian culture and civilization. The Cult of Barm Nor maybe for you.

Weavers Burrow

  • Recent converts of Zath and Jhebbal Sag, Are led by a WereSpider who enforces a Hive Mind through advanced alchemy. Employing poison’s to purify decadence and weakness.

The Horde

  • Touched by Jhebbal Sag, These followers are tamers of beast and men. They are also gifted with shapeshifting mastery.

Herald Of Xolti

  • A demon born cult broken off from the reign of chaos and focusing on desire Natural arcanists and masters of the sword there is no battle we will back down from. and one day will bring the true god Xolti back from banishment and make Conan pay!

Clan Jorn

  • Followers of Jhebbal Sag and Ymir. A clan of WereWolves able to take the form of the wolf and man. A clan of people who have survived much strife, We protect our own and those who are in need and stand against all that threatens their people or lands.

Shaulum Dynasty

  • We of the Shaulum Dynasty are a clan diving into the dark arts of necromantic sorcery to obtain great power and knowledge. Using our power to summon undead minions to do our bidding. Using the knowledge we learn to control souls we take. We are going to be great necromancers over life and death.
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One of the best RP communities I have ever been a part of I Highly recommend it!

Come share our shared delissioun

Bumping this post.

Come join everyone! We have lots to offer just send a message on Steam to ScornStar! We would love to have you! Even if you never rped in your life we can help you learn! New players and New Rpers are welcome as well!