Gothic Wizard's RP & Survival Server [PC/NA] [Siptah] [Roleplay encouraged, naming enforced]

Greetings exiles!

GothicWizard’s RolePlay/Survival Server (Siptah)
PvE Conflict server (limited PvP areas)

A server with a focus on role players or/and people who like to play with others who respect the theme of Hyboria. We are only a few weeks old with lots of opportunity to make a name for yourself.
All names must be lore friendly and local chat is reserved for role play only.
PvP/Raiding is allowed with some reasonable restrictions, PvE Zones (center of map PvP, beaches/outlaying areas PvE/newbie friendly.)
Some excellent mods for improved quality of life and RP aesthetics.

XP: 50% default (It’s the journey not the destination)
Stamina: 50% default recovery
Purge & Maelstorm enabled
Staff very active on the server
Maelstorm siege enabled, storm damage disabled
NPC respawn 250% slower from default.
Most all other settings default

Some of the main mods we use;

Savage Steel
Better Thralls
RA: Character Customization
Barbarian Barber
More female & male heads
Better Animal Pen
Less Building Restrictions
Improved QoL
Wonderbody with Weaty’s Armor mods
Shani’s Stuff
Level 100 (feat points only)

Hope to see you exile!