Harbingers of Order Seek Rpers and PvEers

We are forming a Rp group for the exiles map. It is RP/PvE primarily but PvP may happen on occasion if RP dictates.

We are seeking RPers and PvEers.

PvEers will have to understand that it is a RP server so some rules may seem arbitrary but so long as they can adapt to those they are welcome as we recognize the value they add to the server by just adding mostly uncontrolled life in the background.

RPers will share a starting meta RP. The meta RP is that sometime after their back story and shortly after their exile to the exiled lands they will be a approached by the Harbingers and become a leader of their own clan united by the other clans which form the Harbingers.

We do action RP, D20 events for detailed or contested situations, Storytelling D20 events, in character PvE content and mundain text based chat RP.

All incharacter interaction are text based or in game interaction. Voice chat is out of character.

If you are interested the first step is to send a friend invite via Steam to Scornstar from there you will be give more detailed instruction on how to join after a time is agreed upon to walk you through the process of joining us.

Giving this a bump.
We have added in game events, established settlements, and a D20 system for detailed D&D style events as well. Still seeking Rpers. Current mods in play are Fashionist and Bootcamp of pain.