Hard to align ceiling tiles (Tatami Mat lines)

It’s hard to see which way a tile is facing, in order to make it oriented in the same way as the neighbor it is connected to.

Orientation is very important for the aesthetics of Tatami mats:

This issue is relevant for anything which isn’t orientation-agnostic.

Adding a little green dot on one of the sides during ghost mode would suffice.


I’ve found paying attention to the stone borders helps. You have to look closely, but there are visible details in there that can help you align them properly.

Yeah, I kinda figured.
Though yesterday while upgrading my base, I decided I really like the Aquilonian foundation and ceilings, because they are completely orientation agnostic. They are relaxing and fun to distribute.

At first I thought the blue squares would drive me crazy when stacked across the whole base… but it gives the base some scale and that cool “checkerboard” dimensionality, so I’ll be sticking with that.

Yamatai walls make for great in-door walls because both the outer face and inner face are pleasant to behold and bright. Good for rooms that are separated by walls, where both sides need to look like an interior. Same applies to any Yamatai piece. They are all fairly consistent on both sides, as opposed to Aquilonian tiles that are VERY …ehrm… … “Bi-dimensional(?)”

Frontier doors are the coolest. Yamatai Pillars are amazing as a center piece sandwhiched between 2 aquilonian pillars.

Mixing and matching does have it’s charms.

Another reason why I do not miss my time on official server and am so glad having found a private server with friendly and polite players, an admin willing to help and not a single griefer or trickster in sight! And, what is to this topic here: with a lot of mods with beautiful new options for building, e.g. indoor-walls etc.

Here my advice: look for a private server: this game has much potential, but only on private servers there is the freedom to meet it at its full length.

Donnoh. Official PvE servers are very quiet and pristine right now. All the griefers and kids moved on to Fallout76.

Only us grown ups and CE fans left.


Eh… – confuzzled

I just want to have a visual queue for matching the facing of a tile’s edge to face the same direction it’s neighbour is facing…

cough – In simple english: I want all tiles to look north.

furrows eyebrow at own comment

Hrm… I could just memorize the geometric perculiarities of a tile’s edge and assign that to face the north.

Taps cheeks in deep visual imagination

Hard to do with one of the tiles snap into a thick wall though. The details are very granular.

And here I was coming to the forum to bring up this very issue, lol. Both the tile floors and the foundations are very hard to orient. Not impossible, but you have to look veeeery carefully which can be very hard to do in certain circumstances (like while trying to place them on a partially built floor under full glaring sunlight)… It would be wonderful if we could get something to help the orientation of these tiles… lol.

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We have orientation for the walls, I think they should add the same to foundations and floor tiles, perhaps with an arrow :slight_smile:


new word, tatami
a green dot is keen I think
long live ocd


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