Hardened Steel Great Axe

How do this?

same as any other weapon. learn the skill and make it?

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What skill. It has no means listed.

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Knowledge → Weapons → Bruiser → Two-Handed Hardened Steel Great Axe

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The mangifying glass icon on the right. You can search there, even weapons that don’t have an exact knowledge to learn (like specific vault armory weapons).

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I had years to delete and download. Especially after AOS i couldn’t see many features of the game but it never crossed my mind to delete and download again. Since an error message arrived the previous days asking me to do this, i have all the features and i play correctly.

That is a different weapon.

Oh never-mind, the one you’re talking about is listed as “Unique”
If I understood what the devs said about unique items, you cannot craft it, you will have to loot it but I have no idea where, and you also cannot repair it (similar to Legendary Weapons)

Wasn’t a Unique something that was like a rare craft? At least that is what I thought I heard.

hou will need to make steel into hardened steel using black ice in a forge. you may need a handle made as well and need improved smith or better to craft the weapon

I appreciate you trying to help but take a closer look at the post.

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