Harpy Daggers and Harpy Spear slow movement speed to 0

Is this intended?


I’m assuming you are talking about cripple? I believe throwing axes do the same. I think the cripple effect was overlooked when the attribute system was changed. Siptah pvp is a bit stale because of this.

get a friend, spawn in some harpy daggers and attack him. Watch him how he tries to walk.

Oh trust me I’m fully aware of how deadly it is. Before you would put 2 in encumbrance to negate cripple but since that perk doesn’t exist anymore the cripple will stop you in your tracks for 2-3 seconds. Freedom elixir helps if you use it fast enough but it will override you current elixir buff

I’m assuming from the testlive tag you mean they are worse there than on the live client? Harpy spear/daggers have always applied an “enhanced cripple” effect similar to hyenas. I don’t have access to testlive, could someone test hyena to see if it’s the “enhanced cripple” effect or just the weapons?

@Mayra Any feedback from the team on this? :slight_smile:

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