Spears shouldn't have "Cripple" effect, change my mind

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Every weapon should have cripple.

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Now that’s scary, I don’t know whether I love or hate this idea :rofl:

I would say weapons shouldn’t cause the effect but where hit does. You want to cripple someone, go for the legs, if you want to bleed someone, go for the chest, if you want to sunder someone go for the head.

But that’s just me.


When every attack has a designated animation, I’m not sure targeting areas of the body is even possible. It’s not like you can change the target area like dragons or elephants or something. They’d have to rework the fighting system. Again. :neutral_face:

They would have toe remove the aim locks and then put the target regions on the models but yeah I redesign of it.

Redesigning the fighting system always concerns me. It’s rarely ever a good sign and often comes with a whole slew of bugs. :expressionless:

in for the penny…

They should have shotgun actions . No legs = no cripple .

But honestly… without the cripple … everyone will run away . It’s allready a big problem .

They roll away. Crippled status doesn’t prevent rolling. As soon as the effect passes, they leg it anyway. Cripple is only useful if you catch your opponent on negative stamina. Other than that, it’s mostly useless.

hit someones leg with anything sharp or heavy and ask for them try to walk normally

Are we trying to bring realism to a broken video game? Come on…

Any decent bow would deal so much damage nobody could recover from being hit :rofl:

A Stone Cub would smash your head and leave you with internal bleeding which would most likely kill you or in the best case scenario leave you with permanent brain damage…

And of course, you wouldn’t respawn :slight_smile:

Yeah and that’s why the stamina changes were trash.

Old system with 4 second punishment when running out of stamina was the best. You couldn’t roll spam.

With all weapons applying cripple and the old stamina system, you’d have to dodge roll with a timing instead of brainlessly spam it. But then the lag would screw you…

Or use a shield to protect yourself.

That’s fully supported by the game already, every time you hit someone, the game knows exactly which bone you hit on the skeleton (which is what’s used to apply cripple with a bow or increase headshot damage, it’s just not used for normal melee except for a sort of “easter egg” where hitting critters in the head with ANY weapon causes 10x damage)

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They were poorly implemented. I like how they feel, but there had to be a penality stacking after each roll, exactly to avoid the roll/flee you’re talking about. They can start by removing hyperarmor from rolls. It’s ridiculous. If you time it right, you’re basically invulnerable.

But at least you have this chance .
My option is still the shotgun :raised_hands:

Like, it’s already has “reach” effect. Why do it also should have “cripple” - we already have sword for that. Some legendary spear\rs with cripple effect - ok, but not every single one.

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