Cripple changes [Testlive] why it promotes Fleeing combat

Currently this game has made movements towards running sims to pvp after the bow nerf making it impossible to catch up to a target with more or less grit. But NOW we cant cripple at all for all weapons has been drastically reduced or non existent with out the 20 encumbrance perk. Please not stable cripple is to much when people dont carry elixer of freedom/ or daggers to escape cripple effects. Before on stable you needed those tools to escape cripple effects and made people think of there rock paper scissors style for combat. Bows/daggers but even with stacks of 20 bleed are cool they will not help pvp as much as the cripple. Since On current testlive you can just escape a fight with simply running hen crippled. Rather then being locked in place what would your opinion be for crippling your enemies so we dont have a running sim chasing enemies crossed the map.

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Agree with what is posted above. There needs to be some way that people can’t get away, implementing this will just encourage more running simulator.

Polarbear is exactly right, as the way it stands now even the game mechanics prevent you from catching and killing someone who doesn’t want to be caught if they are running the appropriate build. Any reduction in the effects of cripple is just crazy.

Cripple was fine IMO the way it was. It was a great tool to prevent fleeing.

Making a hardcore game that has a system to benefit people avoiding fights seems pretty backwards. Cripple on bows is an unrealistic chasing method especially with how poorly the servers are optimized. You will never catch someone who is half-■■■ intelligent and doesn’t want to be caught and that’s a problem. The fact that I can engage in a fight and decide never mind and simply walk away is a terrible terrible system. Top that with heavy armor + insane healing and we have a super boring PvP game.

they nefed healing in testlive hard read the notes and play it there yourself