Cripple back to pre 3.0

Cripple weapons after 3.0 are a bit to much? One hit from a harpy spear/daggers and you are stopped in your tracks. Throwing axes are similar but not as bad. I believe when the attribute system was changed (3.0) cripple was overlooked. Before you could get the second perk in encumbrance and it would refuse the cripple effect. Without this perk you basically break both feet for 2-3 seconds and for pvp this is not fun in general. Yes I can use it and do the same(I have) but it should be SLIGHTLY nerfed to the point of pre 3.0 2nd perk encumbrance. Seems reasonable to me.

I said slightly devs

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That or make an armor piece (boots) that ignores/reduces effect of it. Gives a counter choice in a strategic build way.


“Slightly”. The pre-3.0 2nd encumbrance perk was the Get Out Of JailFree card for the cripple debuff.

I’m actually enjoying the fact that the cripple debuff matters again. If you’re going to nerf it slightly, then nerf it slightly.




This is a great idea on paper, but we have been down this road a thousand times. If Funcom were to implement something like this, then half the PvP players will claim those boots are a requirement and they are “forced” to use them. They will complain that they have less freedom in their builds because all other boots are “useless.” The other half of the PvP players will claim the boots need to be nerfed because they are too strong, allowing an enemy to to just run in circles until their next attack, or even run away, ignoring cripple effects.

I feel that cripple is perfect as is. It is supposed to be an adverse effect, so let it remain as such.


Player: Nerf xxx please…
FC: Item/effect deleted.


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Well your argument holds true now on Siptah. Harpy daggers and spear are a must because cripple is so strong and has no counter. Boots would counter that. Maybe they are light low armor rating. Now one would use a higher AP weapon instead of the cripple daggers to take advantage of lower ap of opponent. See adding a counter now becomes strategic. As of now on Siptah its harpy or die in pvp combat.

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It’s actually only the Harpy weapons that shine so much. They use the Hyena Cripple effect instead of the regular one.


Elixier of Freedom should still work.


The problem with freedom elixir is it will override your current buff. I’m mainly talking about the harpy weapons on siptah.

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Yeah right. But it technically exists. Not practically :smiley:

This nerfophobia gets annoying. It is just a means to achieve balance. Also if you nerf something, you automatically buff something else.


Well we all know I meant balance but let’s be serious funcom doesn’t know that word. Oh well no worries siptah will carry on with the same dry weapons none of the other unique spears will be used

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I guess after Harpy spear the Voidforged Pike will be the next META. Or Legion gambling.

I still want weapons that have lifesteal though.

Like 25% of the damage dealt on hit.

As a pre-3.0 harpy advocate I’m surprised there weren’t nerf calls sooner into 3.0. Raiding a base full of harpy spear thralls is an “experience” lol. I know people are generally wary of PvP calls to nerf but:

  • Enhanced cripple was a strong option pre 3.0
  • Removing the cripple perk was a buff to this effect
  • Illusions were a buff to these weapons

I don’t play in big clans, but I imagine in large team fights getting hit with these things are a death sentence. Finding a way to bring them back to their pre-3.0 “off-meta” status is not a great ask I don’t think. The only thing more unfun than being one shot is being cc’d to death. That being said, as a fan of achery - nothing pairs better with a bow than enhanced cripple - so I hope it isn’t made completely useless.

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Can we add that effect to some arrows, please? :rofl:

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I’m stealing it!

And suddenly a consensus seems to emerge that it’s not the cripple debuff that’s the problem, but the harpy weapons.

FWIW, I don’t mind nerfing those :wink:

The misguided, overly broad calls for nerf are even more annoying. If we can deal with our annoyance, so can you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is nowhere near the first time that some PVP player called for a nerf of X, got challenged by PVE players, got into discussion with other PVP players, and in the end it turned out that X didn’t need nerfing, but rather some other, smaller thing.

This whole “let’s actually discuss things” process works just fine :smiley:


I imagine there would be some PvP players who would be in favor of a general cripple nerf. Daggers of Dagon spring to my mind (it does basic cripple for those who don’t know). OP cited throwing axes as well. Personally, I wouldn’t agree with the need for a general cripple nerf.

The harpy weapons, specifically the spear, I think there are arguments to be made.

Agreed. The more dialogue, the less out right dismissal, the better.


Reality is that the hyena cripple should have a lwgendary throwing ax and arrow that does thw debuff, and any close range weapons should not. This would allow ranged players a way to attack long range so to speak, and use a skill. That would also mean somehow removing auto target for ranged weapons imo.