How to fix the Combat System

Currently PVP is boring and tedious. All because people can run away with 100% success every time and there is nothing to stop them. Even when they run out of stamina the normal jogging pace is quick enough to move out of the way from any attack. If someone chooses to run away during a fight there is no point in chasing them. If they run away into the water they are essentially invincible. I spend more time running around in circles than actually fighting. People on my server have quit the game because of it. It makes me miss the old fighting system and that isn’t a good thing but at least fights were short and decisive.

So Funcom there are 4 simple ways to fix this issue.

1: Add a leap attack. All attacks force the character to stop before swinging. This allows anything moving faster than a walking pace to escape it. If someone is sprinting, make it so the Right Trigger (Heavy attack) initiates a leap attack without forcing the character to stop. The leap should be faster than sprinting speed so it connects. Once the attack is complete the character then stops. In short, make the character stop moving after an attack not before when sprinting.

2: Return cripple back to its old state. This was literally the only way to prevent people from running in order to kill them. Now you nerfed it to the point that it might as well not exist. Cripple should be severe. You made the Freedom Potions for a reason.

3: If someone runs out of stamina they should be slowed for a short time until their stamina begins to regenerate.

4: Lastly, If someone runs out of stamina in the water they can no longer swim. They sit there and drown. Pretty simple.

There you have it. Pretty sure if you make those small changes the combat system will be much better. More fighting less running. When people run in circles waiting for their opponents game to crash rather than trying to fight, you know you have a problem.

^TLDR: rework grit trait in a way it will be a “Silent legion of attributes”.

And now tell us how this will increase pvp build diversity and encourage creative play.

I agree with 1 and 2.

3 and 4 is too severe.

‘Leap’ attacks are already in the game. Dagger Light Attack and Sword Heavy Attack. Sword has a bonus of crippling on successive heavy attacks.

I do agree with cripples returning. And I wouldn’t mind stamina drain being more severe. We are talking about an avoidable state after all. You should almost never run out of stamina.

As for swimming. I think that’s coming down the pipeline. Before a patch or two ago, swimming had no stamina drain. It feels like swimming is intended to be limited as a feature and this is only the first pass at it.

All attacks force the character to stop in place to commit to the attack. The daggers have a slight lunge but it isn’t fast enough and doesn’t go far enough to connect with a moving target.

Good topic.

When I was PvPing…as a light or medium skirmisher (typically) I use tactical retreats and rock climbing because after release the bows became so tough to work with when out and about solo. Then I changed tactics and never went out alone but still used the bow and my lightness to flank ans spank while the heavy melee tanked and spanked. The base meaning is…a lightly armoured player will always be able to out maneuver a heavier one.

When I go into tank mode I put 2 shields on my bar and can easily handle 3 players at once. Meanwhile my DPSers and Flankers are in and out while I keep them focused and honest. Currently it is really easy to tank against two-handers since they simply miss most of the time. When they commit that is when they get jumped on. Speedy weapons are much more strategic.

I will agree though that there should be some chance for arm and leg breakage that drops the shield on the ground for the arm break or makes the player hobble when getting leg chopped. And for someone with a shield that actually does take a direct smash from a two-hander (Ohh Sh-i-t moment) could also have spins and rolls to the ground with a shake of the head to get the cobwebs out to even make the visuals lots of fun. Fairly easy to implement as well. I actually do these things in my game design and the animations for this type of stuff is easily available for free or small coins.

1 and 2 sound fine. Usually the heavy swings will miss anyhow with a player that knows what they are doing.

3…actually the stamina mechanics are all wrong and should be fixed. The regen rate should be much slower. Also though…currently as long as even a sliver of yellow is showing the bar is full in a couple seconds then it is back to sprinting. The regen from empty to full should be 10 seconds. This makes so much more strategic sense as well…want to slow down and catch a Heavy Armoured Runner? When they Jog or Sprint they lose stamina much faster (should be) but everyone gains at the 10 second (10%/sec) recovery.

4…should be able to still swim but take health damage until dead…basically drowning and works in PvE as well.

Please just fix this for PvP, leave PvE out of this. Please.

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