PVP Combat System on console is broken

Hello just wanted to ask if anything is planned to fix the pvp combat ?
It’s just not possible to hit anyone thats running or even just walking.
Fights only occure if your opponent wants to fight you, but then everyone is just running away at 10% life and theres no way to catch them. PVP Combat is a mess like this, finding players that will stand and fight is ultra rare… everyones just running. Bow isnt an option to stop this because it takes to long to equip aim and hit.
I just hit level 60 2 days ago and already got endgame armor and weapons it takes like an hour to get endgame stuff everything is so easy and so theres only pvp left to do …

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It’s not just on Console, this is a problem on PC as well.

If you can get their health down far enough, you can easily finish them off with a pick since you can run and use it at the same time.

I also had a couple of buddies report this yesterday. They quit playing the game because someone sieged two of our bases and they tracked him down, yet couldn’t hit him. He was taunting them, saying “We can do this all day guys, you’re not gonna kill me”, as he jumped around their swing animations and sprinted away.

This is really bad, because everything else about the game rocks. The new combat changes are great, but they don’t work for PvP.

As more players hit the cap and get to fighting, they will realize this. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to fix it.

EDIT: I should note, this is on PC. It’s not a console-related issue. All platforms will have problems with this system.

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I gotta ask…If they run at 10% why aren’t you just shooting them? End of fight.

If you’re not swapping out weapons when your opponent gets low to ensure they cannot run, or you do not swap to a bow and finish them off if they manage to disengage, then you didn’t really deserve to win.

So snake arrows before it even starts. That stops healing. Legs to cripple as much as you can. Use a good bow. Javelins are not terrible because you don’t have to angle up - just lead target. Spear is strong vs PvE but mediocre for PvP. Make, we and sword all pretty good for PvP so you can catch a wide arc. If you land a cripple or two get in there with daggers to stack bleeds.

PvP is just hard, that’s all. PvE take a spear and you’re done. PvP you want variety and angles and poison.

I asked and they did shoot them. One guy was shooting a bow for cripples and bleeds as the other was trying to hit him with a sword and spear to no avail.

The guy they were attacking was able to heal through it and the cripple effect wasn’t strong enough to prevent him from dodging attacks.

Look, I get it and appreciate the tactical suggestions, but you shouldn’t need a full hotbar of weapons and a 2nd person with a bow in order to take someone down. This is obviously an error of design.

Someone on our server was roaming with fists because he said he had more success in hitting people with the faster swing animations than with weapons. Come on, really?

I’ve solo PvP killed plenty of people. I see it happen consistently. You can’t heal through poison - at best you can get 1 tic of heal for each tic of poison and in so doing burn 10 units of food/healing for each arrow just to break even.

I have 3 weapons on hotbar. Spear, bow, knives with poison. If I’m raiding I have violet cureall and a shield and no spear.

Stamina bug needs fixed. No question. Escape roll needs slowed down. Absolutely. However people are still getting ranked on the regular. It’s just hard.

I don’t really see a problem with running away being a viable option.

The only problems I have with combat stem from lag and server instability.

Curing the poison is extremely easy. Healing through Arrow damage is laughable. Recovering stamina while jogging makes maintaining engagement distance for continued shooting unlikely.

The PvP engagements turn in to kiting and jumping and archery while running in circle duels. It is not fun.

I think making stamina harder to recover, and making more ‘crowd control’ options, are essential.

Attacking guy wasn’t aggressive enough you can’t dodge forever

“Please make another game where bigger numbers = win”

I cant kill so the game is bad!!! But a Lot of people can… The only problem here is infinite stamina… Using the bug It never ends… Fix this and you Will kill again

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