A good Addition to Combat

I believe a good Addition to the combat system would be Leap attacks
If we could press sprint then press Heavy or Light attack and do like a leap or a gap closer move it would make PvP better and help with the runner issue.
as the way the combat is now players can easily run away from battles or just run around and heal however if we had gap closers it would help atleast catch them and keep the fight going.
its just a suggestion the ability to use some kind of leap attack would just compliment the system and make it work slightly better

also adding a Spear Bag to the game to carry and stack javelins and throwing axes would be great so we can carry and use them more you could make it into a item like a bow where you drag and equip spears to it and then after you throw a spear you haft press the heavy attack Key again to equip another Javelin Spear to throw or axe.
this to me would Improve the combat even further with small touches here and there