Has anyine ised the new pet skins

Just wondering if the pet skins are any better in game from the battlepass. The undead stuff from chapter one is not my cup of tea.

From some of the reports I have seen The XXXX is going to really gain popularity in PVP.

It’s a shame really because i was looking forward to using it just because i love the look of the XXXXX model.

I have been so busy leveling the pass, I haven’t really spent much time enjoying it yet. They all do look cool.

I thought i saw a thread about it, but it seems to be delisted now???

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Yep. I will adjust my post to ensure this remains.

Its not like i would immediately mesaage my coan matea who are on right now to process our wolf pups or anything;)

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Heaven forbid

You saw it too, @erjoh ? :laughing:
If that thing goes viral, it’s gonna be hell!
Can you imagine a guy with his two buffed up thralls seeing them destroyed by that xxxx fker? :rofl:

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Of course this all conjecture. Maybe it won’t go bad. Maybe the temptation to use this whoops will be conquered and the hardcore PVPers will act with honor and integrity.


Yep. Wiped under the carpet.



At least they know and hopefully it will get attention. Else we get lots of…

Edited…too obvious originally.

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But anyways…about the skins. I do like them and would want to see them in action…but I’m also don’t hold the same opinion as our OP BC. I love the undead (not in the creepy way) and looking forward to the skeledog (which rumor has it will be a wolf reskin…lots of wolf skins out and about…I want more ostrich skins! jk)

They arent bad, but sincw pets die easily, i would rather not spend pvp time on them :wink:


Undead ostrich would be delightfully horrifying.

But have you ever seen a Hippo Skull?

Imagine it as an alternative undead Rhino.


I wanted to get that wolf brothers from Bazaar, but too late. From the other skins, I love the elite black lion. I don’t do pets too much, but just must have this one. :smiley:

Also have one Abyssal dog, but I need to make space for the XXXX eventually, when I get to it. :laughing:

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