Has anyone changed their PlayStation name?

I’ve had the same PS name for a while and want to change it. It says that it might wipe out any of my purchases with some games.

Has anyone changed their name yet? If so, did you lose any of the DLCs or other paid for items?



You shouldn’t have any issues changing you PSN ID, except possibly losing some game progress (CE not included).

However if you do experience issues you can revert any changes free of charge!

Good luck.


OLD games, that may no longer be supported… can have issues. Are you even playing them?

In General I’ve heard of very few issues. Mostly just involved games that only used PSN as a name, had no back up (old games that never converted newer setting most games use)


How would one do that? Asking for a friend. Lol.


Tell your “friend” if he has any issues to just send a message to PlayStation support :slightly_smiling_face:
They are usually fairly quick to respond.

Good luck!

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Oh goodness…duh. LOL. I thought you had some type of insider method. LOL.


My account has no Ps plus. I download everything in my sons account. I play all the games correctly. All the dlcs I buy, I buy them on my sons account that I have Ps plus active. So my suggestion is to create a new account on your Playstation and play without problems. Don’t change your account name unless you want to keep your gaming trophies. You can always have your original account and when you need privacy play in the other. I use my daughters account for privacy… Except the fact that I accept 1 million friend requests and some annoying messages :rofl::rofl::rofl:, I am fine :rage:.
Today I am going to use the new dlc and I am sooooo excited :tada::tada::tada:.

Edit. I find problems sending friend requests from PS 4 to PS 5 consoles. The only way to do it is the PS 5 to send to PS 4. For some reason it doesn’t work the other way.

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