Problem with dlc

Game mode: [Online | Single-player
Problem: [ Bug ]

I have a problem with some dlc I got like 2 years ago. I had a ps4 I got like 4 dlc then after a while I deleted the game. Now I got a ps4 pro so I downloaded the game back with all my saves but I dont own any of the dlc I tried to restore licenses but it done nothing . Any suggestions?

Go to ps store and you should be able to “buy” the dlc for 0.00€. That’s what fixed it for me

Doesn’t say 0,00 but the actually price of the dlc. The weird is on my ps4 I can use every piece of the dlc I own on my ps4 pro I have to buy them again

Is your playstation plus account on both machines? I have not had a account on two machines at the same time perhaps that is the problem.

At first I was on ps4 pro I got the game and I noticed that I didn’t have any of the dlc then I went back on my old console just to check I loaded the game and I had everything. Both consoles have my account with ps plus

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