PS Spartacus and Conan

Sooooo yeah Ps Plus is getting a rebranding in tier levels and PS Now is fading away according to the latest news. Has Funcom been in the loop for this and will CE be a possibility in the Tier 2 level of the package? T1 is PS Plus as is, T2 is access to ps4 and 5 games (like XBox Game pass), and T3 is streaming historic PS games from previous generations. So CE would fall into the T2 aspect. If it’s part of the package (like it is on Xbox GP), then I would expect a spike in the game player base. Any comments?

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Take all this with a grain of salt, because it’s been awhile and I don’t remember where I read the interview that covered it.

From what at least one Indy developer said you must wait to be invited by Sony to put your game on sale. Unfortunately the vast majority of these invitations go to the biggest companies.

I’m not sure if this will be different in the new situation. If they have the chance to get it listed in a GP like program for PS then I think it’s a great idea

I somehow completely missed CE when it was new, and it coming to GP was the only reason I tried it. Now I own the game and all the DLCs

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