Has anyone seen Maru the Cannibal?

Maru the Cannibal cannot be admin spawned in solo. In addition, repeatedly killing Cook 1s (>300) never produced him. So, in support of the Wiki …

Has anyone seen Maru the Cannibal in solo?

Has anyone seen Maru the Cannibal online?

Any help would be appreciated !



I’ve seen him a lot in my solo run. You’re probably not very lucky or something went wrong with your game. I really wish you luck in finding him !

Can’t remember Gavinrad, are you using one of my Tier 4 Thrall mods? Cause, that’s why.

It’s currently bugged. Send me a DM (you know how to contact me) and I would be happy to explain why.


I am indeed using your “Tier4 Thralls - Half Increased Spawn”. I wouldn’t have talked if I knew Maru was one of the fixed thralls. For me he was just fine as I’d seen him a few times during my time on official servers (unlike nordheimer berzerkers for exemple). I’m really sorry @Jim1 for my false claim :c

Ya, a few months ago Maru and the other cooks was fine. Now Maru isn’t. It’ll get sorted, but you know me with my Tier4 Thrall mods. I always do fixes like that, temporary or otherwise.

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@Gavinrad, I certainly do not consider that a ‘false claim’. It was valid data based on the knowledge you had at the time. We all do that. As far as I am concerned, your post was appropriate and, lucky for us, Multigun was lurking !

An older study of new businesses found that if more than half of the decisions management (owner) made were correct, the business would succeed. Here? Not so much :man_shrugging:

We’re good.




Seen them on Ps4 a few times in Solo. (I don’t spawn t4 in admin panel, I ussally use t3’s if i do admin panel)

As far as I can see, you can’t spawn them in solo (at the current time). Please, prove me wrong :slight_smile:



I can not prove it, as I murder him.

He was at one of camps, and came around one of tents and…well he took few arrows to face before his health bar and named loaded in.

It was Maru, Not that many t4’s npc I see in my world since last few patches seem to have cut down there spawn from “why in gods name are there so many” to “there t4’s?!!”

This was, last week I saw him.

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