Unspawnable NPCs

In researching the wiki, I’ve found a few NPCs that seem to be unspawnable via admin panel, both single player and online. The IDs are there, but characters will not spawn.

  1. Ansina Hidden-Daggers (Darfari_Cannibals_Entertainer_4_Darfari)
  2. Maru the Cannibal (Darfari_Cannibals_Cook_4_Darfari)
  3. V’anarr Feasts-On-Fingers (Darfari_Cannibals_Cook_4_Darfari2)

I have never seen these characters spawn at their listed spawn points, but the wiki has images of two of the three.

The found all the pieces to leave the exile lands :slight_smile:
JK. good find. Have never saw any them myself (15 months playing)



Some NPCs were removed a patch or two back. If you go to the end of the NPC listing you will see some of them. These may fit in that lot. There are references to FunCom removing them and why, so do a search in here.

@Grymm, I had a quick look through the patch notes, but did not see anything regarding this.

The wiki image for Ansina Hidden-Daggers is from July 10, which is after the latest patch.

The image for V’anarr Feasts-On-Fingers is from July 11.

Maru is from the Purge. So he wont spawn under cook lv4. You’d need spawn purge npcs and hope they pop. (if its same one from before)

Fingers… rrrr there a few with that in name, was pretty sure I;ve seen her, or name close to that.

All purge thralls are spawnable via the admin panel. The issue is these three are not even spawnable via the admin panel. The character IDs are listed but can’t spawn.

They’re the only NPCs I know of that has this problem.

Inless it was changed, Spawn didnt work via there id tag, you had to spawn the purge version to get them.

It like typing in some of names, they don’t exist inless you spawn t4 version of craft. (which there are 1 or several)

Itlest on Ps4.

Several NPC, who if you look up by name, just are not there, but can be spawned by using there spawn point id. PC user get abit more fun with admin panel. So work around for on consoles is to go thru other tags, till you get one to show up, toss rest and keep ones you needed.

Hello @everybodyvsME, thank you for your submission!

We’ve relayed this to the developers in order to determine whether it’s intentional or not.

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