Not all named NPCs in Admin Panel?


While going to get meat from the nearby giant lizards at my base at J5, I come across a named Fighter NPC, Ciria the Mad, since she was named, I tried knocking her out, took about 5 minutes, but managed, despite getting kicked in the face a few times. After putting her on my Wheel, I thought I’d check if she was spawnable in the Admin Panel, and lo and behold, she is not there, at all, in fact, the only named NPC with Mad in their name that is spawnable is Ezkiel the Mad.

Are there just some NPCs that can’t be spawned?

They don’t go by their name in the admin panel. Well most of them anyways. It depends on how they are labeled in the SpawnDataTable. For example, your Ciria would be spawnable via:



That’s kind of weird, but thanks for the clarification, thought it was odd that she wasn’t there by name. Pleasantly surprised to see she’s T4 too, would explain why it took so long to knock her out with 0 Strength…


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