Spawning Supermeru nameds


I am playing SP. I’ve have found Supermeru. I’ve just knocked out the named taskmaster Olena the Oathmaker there. It is still impossible to drag them outside of their cells, so I need to spawn her with the Admin Menu next to my wheel. Except I cannot find her in there. There are plenty of named NPCs there, but I cannot find her. Maybe she goes by another name, I’ve tried “Olena”, “oathmaker”, “taskmaster” to no avail. Anybody knows?

While googling for her I found a list of other Supermeru named NPCs. None of them are in the Admin menu. Other names, or another trick is needed?


Olena is one of the original named thralls that are still listed by faction, profession, rank and (for most) race. She’s listed as Relic_Hunter_Taskmaster_4_Zamorian in the Admin Panel.

In case you’re interested, here’s all the similar named thralls where it’s not obvious who they are in the admin panel. Note that for those with Admin Panel entries containing the word Kush-ite, you have to remove the hyphen. This forum doesn’t like the proper spelling for some daft reason.

Black_Hand_Archer_4_Hyborian : Gakter of Bossonia
Black_Hand_Archer_4_Hyrkanian : Conchaka of Hyrkania
Black_Hand_Armorer_4_Dafari : Orgus Iron-Eater
Black_Hand_Armorer_4_Hyborian : Joka Ironfist
Black_Hand_Armorer_4_Hyrkanian : Jehungir Horseshoe
Black_Hand_Armorer_4_Kambujan : Shendelzare
Black_Hand_Armorer_4_Zamorian : Irniz of the Furnace
Black_Hand_Blacksmith_4_Cimmerian : Maev the Magnificent
Black_Hand_Blacksmith_4_Shemite : Arvad of Arkbitan
Black_Hand_Carpenter_4_Cimmerian : Rayne o’ the Rosewood
Black_Hand_Carpenter_4_Nordheimer : Sigyn the Woodworker
Black_Hand_Cook_4_Hyborian : Vatessa the Potent
Black_Hand_Entertainer_4_Stygian : Imiu of Derkheto
Black_Hand_Entertainer_4_Zamorian : Danyo the Seductive
Black_Hand_Fighter_4_Cimmerian : Cruaidh the Crusher
Black_Hand_Fighter_4_Nordheimer : Braggi the Bold
Black_Hand_Pir_Archer_4_Cimmerian : Cristian the Blade
Black_Hand_Pir_Archer_4_Hyborian : Iekika the Visionary
Black_Hand_Pir_Archer_4_Hyrkanian : Sarnai Thorn
Black_Hand_Pir_Fighter_4_Cimmerian : Gall o’ the Spear-din
Black_Hand_Pir_Fighter_4_Nordheimer : Hekkr Waverunner
Black_Hand_Smelter_4_Cimmerian : Fingal Firetender
Black_Hand_Smelter_4_Shemite : Idra Sparkeyes
Black_Hand_Tanner_4_Zingarian : Valenso Da Reyn
Black_Hand_Taskmaster_4_Shemite : Saddur the Slaver
Black_Hand_Taskmaster_4_Zamorian : Vanko the Fearsome
Darfari_Cannibals_Armorer_4 : B’naru Heavyhands
Dogs_Armorer_4_Kambujan : Llarn Steeltoe
Dogs_Armorer_4_Kush-ite : Legendary Armorer
Dogs_Beastlord : Du’neman the Dragoon
Dogs_Blacksmith_4_Shemite : Talitha Goldfingers
Dogs_Entertainer_4_Stygian : Sadeh the Lithe
Dogs_Entertainer_4_Zamorian : Ionna the Seductress
Dogs_Smelter_4_Shemite : Yael of Shem
Dogs_Taskmaster_4_Shemite : Bit-Tarkin the Whip
Dogs_Taskmaster_4_Zamorian : Shevatas the Merciless
Exile_Archer_4_Hyborian : Hagar Hawkeye
Exile_Archer_4_Hyrkanian : Amurath the Swift
Exile_Armorer_4_Cimmerian : Zavek
Exile_Armorer_4_Dafari : Grrr Legbiter
Exile_Armorer_4_Hyborian : Chelkus the Smith
Exile_Armorer_4_Hyrkanian : Orgina Steeltongue
Exile_Armorer_4_Kambujan : Oisun the smith
Exile_Armorer_4_Shemite : Ternis Burnbritches
Exile_Armorer_4_Zamorian : Enis Ironwrought
Exile_Blacksmith_4_Cimmerian : Conall the Hammer
Exile_Blacksmith_4_Shemite : Alumit Anvilbrow
Exile_Carpenter_4_Cimmerian : Ros-Crana o’ the Dells
Exile_Carpenter_4_Nordheimer : Hodur the Humble
Exile_Cook_4_Hyborian : Galacus the Gourmand
Exile_Entertainer_4_Stygian : Senk the Pillowdancer
Exile_Entertainer_4_Zamorian : Bohdan the Flexible
Exile_Fighter_4_Cimmerian : Deirdre Deathbringer
Exile_Fighter_4_Nordheimer : Frigga Falsehope
Exile_Smelter_4_Cimmerian : Melicoma the Watcher
Exile_Smelter_4_Shemite : Noam of Akkharia
Exile_Tanner_4_Zingarian : Zarono the Scented
Exile_Taskmaster_4_Shemite : The Tyrant of Pelishti
Exile_Taskmaster_4_Zamorian : Yala the Scarred
Forgotten_Tribe_Alchemist_4_Cimmerian : Darmok the Experimenter
Forgotten_Tribe_Archer_4_Cimmerian : Markos, Bane of Beasts
Forgotten_Tribe_Armorer_4_Cimmerian : Werk of the lost tribe
Forgotten_Tribe_Blacksmith_4_Cimmerian : Vulfeles the Hammer
Forgotten_Tribe_Carpenter_4_Cimmerian : Acastel Ninefingers
Forgotten_Tribe_Cook_4_Cimmerian : Merran the Cook
Forgotten_Tribe_Entertainer_4_Cimmerian : Lianeele
Forgotten_Tribe_Fighter_4_Cimmerian : Dalinsia Snowhunter
Forgotten_Tribe_Smelter_4_Cimmerian : Matias Snowmelt
Forgotten_Tribe_Tanner_4_Cimmerian : Gratt Stinkfinger
Forgotten_Tribe_Taskmaster_4_Cimmerian : Marn the Breaker
Heirs_of_the_North_Alchemist_4_Nordheimer : Rokur the Alchemist
Heirs_of_the_North_Archer_4_Nordheimer : Varpnir
Heirs_of_the_North_Armorer_4_Nordheimer : Njoror Battleborn
Heirs_of_the_North_Blacksmith_4_Nordheimer : Beri
Heirs_of_the_North_Carpenter_4_Nordheimer : Airk Strong-in-the-arm
Heirs_of_the_North_Cook_4_Nordheimer : Rikkart the Baker
Heirs_of_the_North_Entertainer_4_Nordheimer : Oyvind Tall-tree
Heirs_of_the_North_Fighter_4_Nordheimer : Janos
Heirs_of_the_North_Smelter_4_Nordheimer : Jon the tinkerer
Heirs_of_the_North_Tanner_4_Nordheimer : Oskar Thunderhead
Heirs_of_the_North_Taskmaster_4_Nordheimer : Manos, the handful
Relic_Hunter_Archer_4_Hyborian : Lissa o’ the Longbow
Relic_Hunter_Archer_4_Hyrkanian : Mandughai Hundred-arrow
Relic_Hunter_Armorer_4_Aquilonian : Hanar of Bossonia
Relic_Hunter_Armorer_4_Hyborian : Diana Steelshaper
Relic_Hunter_Armorer_4_Hyrkanian : Than Hammerblow
Relic_Hunter_Armorer_4_Shemite : Arcen Brokenfingers
Relic_Hunter_Armorer_4_Stygian : Zoara of the Marshes
Relic_Hunter_Armorer_4_Zamorian : Ghamm the worn
Relic_Hunter_Blacksmith_4_Shemite : Hyam Hammerhand
Relic_Hunter_Cook_4_Hyborian : Bragoras the Baker
Relic_Hunter_Entertainer_4_Stygian : Thutmerkri the Dramatist
Relic_Hunter_Entertainer_4_Zamorian : Luba the Luscious
Relic_Hunter_Smelter_4_Shemite : Daya Leaddrinker
Relic_Hunter_Tanner_4_Zingarian : Inigo the Vengeful
Relic_Hunter_Taskmaster_4_Shemite : Beli the Breaker
Relic_Hunter_Taskmaster_4_Zamorian : Olena the Oathmaker

We technically can’t get thralls from the swamp or volcano yet, but they are accessible in Admin Panel:
Lemurian_Alchemist_4 : Sranka Blacktooth
Lemurian_Archer_4 : Alren Storm
Lemurian_Archer_4b : Lissira
Lemurian_Armorer_4 : Fia
Lemurian_Blacksmith_4 : Aisss
Lemurian_Carpenter_4 : Poscore Nimblefingers
Lemurian_Cook_4 : Gnash the hungry
Lemurian_Entertainer_4 : Varkin Fleetfoot
Lemurian_Fighter_4 : Waros the Breaker
Lemurian_Fighter_4b : Mei the Blade
Lemurian_Priest_4_Cimmerian : Haur the Devoted
Lemurian_Priest_4_Hyborean : Espel the Glorious
Lemurian_Priest_4_Kush-ite : Menhas, Walker of the Path
Lemurian_Priest_4_Stygian : Ketmet the Whisperer
Lemurian_Smelter_4 : Alakar Burning-Hands
Lemurian_Tanner_4 : Hell Breath
Lemurian_Taskmaster_4 : Roknori the Unmerciful
Votaries_Alchemist_4 : Sayd Secretkeeper
Votaries_Archer_4 : Anos Preyfinder
Votaries_Archer_4b : Vais the wayfaerer
Votaries_Armorer_4 : Siesse Blacktongue
Votaries_Blacksmith_4 : Secas the smith
Votaries_Carpenter_4 : Jaes’Pliis
Votaries_Entertainer_4 : Syra Brennerhet
Votaries_Fighter_4 : Daicus the sharp
Votaries_Fighter_4b : Spina the marauder
Votaries_Smelter_4 : Hith Silverfinger
Votaries_Tanner_4 : Firis Flickertongue
Votaries_Taskmaster_4 : Risa the Brutal


Thank you for the full list. I figured it was something like that. Some NPCs are named in the Admin panel, others are not. I figured that some _taskmaster_4 were probably named ones, but didn’t know the race, still spawned the actual Olena on the second try, thank god she was in Supermeru and was a local Relic Hunter :). But the full list will surely help in the future.

BTW a bit later, at the same place where I found Olena by the Supermeru prison, I knocked down a dude named “Stygian Taskmaster Master”. That thingy wasn’t in the list either, and no “Taskmaster_4” with “Stygian” in the name as well. I guess with this one it’s the other way around: he is named in the Admin Panel but not in the game :). Well, we can’t have all the nice things I guess.

That’s a level 3 thrall, not a named thrall: Relic_Hunter_Taskmaster_3_Stygian in the Admin Panel

Oh, I presumed that “Master” referred to level 4 thralls. Thanks.

Heh, you wouldn’t happen to know who in the Admin Panel this dude is, that I knocked down in The Den?

Edit: never mind, I’m a dumbass, he’s in the list above, searching is hard :).

Legenary Armorer used to be one of the best T4 Armorers in the game - he was one of the few that could make Hyena Fur Armor. By right, he should have the Flawless recipe for it…but he doesn’t. He doesn’t have any real unique recipes, making him practically useless, as other T4 Armorers will have the same recipes he does, plus some.

But surely, on the 8th… :slight_smile:

in the admin panel she is listed as Relic_Hunter_Taskmaster_4_Zamorian