Extra Taskmaster Spawn in Sepermeru

A while ago I posted about encountering a wandering taskmaster in Sepermeru while playing single player unmodded. This taskmaster was instantly hostile. Then it happened again.

The first time was by Razma’s Quarers. The second time by the Prison.

It just happened to me again by Razma’s Quarters. I had been playing for apx 1hr 30 mins when this oddity happened.

I often type comments in the admin panel while playing. I find the admin panel is easier to call up than the chat window. I don’t know if it has anything to do with this oddity but thought I would mention it.

Hey @Technicolorfool

Thanks for the feedback and video. We’ve sent it to the team.

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I see nothing wrong here? There is a taskmaster near razmas spot, and sometimes thralls in sepu just aggro for no reason. I’d say the problem is more about the random aggro than the thrall.

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Yes. There is one taskmaster that spawns. Here there are two.

The only taskmaster that I’ve seen spawn in Sepermeru other than by Razma’s , the Prison or outside the gate by King Rhino is Kat of a Thousand Lashes.