Has Engine version been upgraded for the release of Siptah?

Conan Exiles currently runs on UE4 V4.15 correct? but in your stream the other day it was mentioned that you now use Volumetric fog and lightmaps. Does that mean you upgraded version of engine or just implemented that specific thing? Would be great to know if you now actually use Replication Graph for networking!

An official response would be awesome, great work on Siptah loving all the server pvp changes as well!

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The DevKit is still running under 4.15.


I would love to know what sort of changes were made “behind the scenes” that may positively impact game play or designs in the future. Always excited to have new graphics options and features.


Can you imagine Conan Exiles/Siptah using UE5?
(Throw in a zbrush model as is… and openworld dev - its a lot easier)
I’m seeing the whole “World of Conan” :wink:

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Sounds like it already sucks for PvErs


Wouldn’t they have to rebuild the whole game if they used a new engine? It’s not like you can just click “upgrade” and all of the sudden use a new version of the engine for your game.


Unless you found a way to change/add C++ code in your mods, you’re comparing apples to oranges.

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No they would not have to rebuild the whole game because engine version does not mean completely new engine, some API gets deprecated but for most part it’s same with NEW or IMPROVED systems. Upgrading the engine means a lot of work but the trade offs usually are worth it.

The only reason I actually asked about engine version was because they were talking about new graphical features which were not in 4.15yet. It’s perfectly fine if they didn’t upgrade it as well, it was not demand was just question.

The folks at Epic said not to look at it as a different version, but more like a huge update to 4, in terms of games made in 4 transitioning to 5.
(But yeah - it is pretty cool what 5 can do… I would prefer a new game, from scratch)

I hope they optimized the new map to support higher player caps. Now that there are less thralls scattered around the map maybe the servers get less stressed and more players per server.

The rule of games Devs favor PvPers, a simple fact of games. You will never here a PvEer complain about balance unless its a re-balance for PvP.

Sure, but that doesn’t mean all the PVP-motivated balance changes are bad for PVE players. I mean, people always complain on these forums: when they hear about the change, when the change hits and they’re getting used to it, and even after they got used to it.

Sometimes, there’s an overwhelming negative feedback, because the change really sucks. For example, when they first introduced the momentum-based movement, it was utterly atrocious and they had to scale it way back. Or when they nerfed Lifeblood Spear in such a way that made it totally useless. I still complain about that and I know a few others who will never forgive it, either.

But all in all, most of the PVP-motivated changes provoke the usual round of yelling, grumbling and muttering from the PVE side, and then people get used to it and keep playing. :man_shrugging:

So we might as well wait and see what it’s like when we give it some time, instead of going in with the knee-jerk fatalistic attitude :wink:

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