Has Mind Control ever missed for you?

I’ve maybe used it like 20 times by now, and maybe had something like two or three 100% chances in there, a lot of 75% and a couple of 50%, but it just never misses. I mean there’s a chance I’ve just gotten super lucky, but the longer I play, the more it feels like a bug.

Been using it once through whole game on Very Hard…And the reason is the first time I used it. It missed =)

Interesting, I’m playing on very hard as well, and this is by far the single most impactful skill in the game. It literally wins you engagements.

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I missed at the first time I used it against a hunter at 75% chance.
So yes, it misses eventually. So you’re super lucky.

Accurately, I missed 100% chance shot twice during my gameplay :roll_eyes: This is super super unlucky.

Playing on very hard, it’s a 50/50 for me I’d say.

You se the chanse to make it the same way as shooting. was a standaer use on big gropes, spec whit a shamman or a Tank in.

“Welcome to free-for-all. The game where everyone’s a f**king lucker except for you.”

  • Richard ‘WTii’ Langley

As if my real life isn’t dreadful enough, my life in video game just had to be filled with bad luck as well.