Have Glowing Goop Drop seeds or a Cutting

The title explains the premise clearly enough. Glowing Goop is to the best of my knowledge the only ‘plant’ which currently does not produce seeds, yet it presents several valuable uses. Therefore, I would like to request to Funcom that Glowing Goop drop either seeds when harvested, or a cutting like the Orange Phykos. Does anyone agree?


I agree.

It’s not because I feel the need to farm them, I feel the desire to place them all over my base because it’s so beautiful !

In any case I think it doesn’t because its description: "What this is, where it comes from and how it got here are a mystery. What matters is that it can be used in the creation of a cyan dye. "

Probably it’s not even a plant but a mushrooms or a mass of bacterya.

But it’s soooo cool :star_struck:


It looks a bit silly to place a cut Orange Phykos to a plant container coz those are harvested from the seabed and flow along (but I wouldn’t mind having the ability to plant multiple species). I would like to have some sort of a container that has water in it, for whatever we decide to harvest from the seabed. :yum:


It could be nice to try make a pool out of the containers or a fish tank (or an aquarium of sorts) to plant and grow fish.

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Thanks Born2bAlive. While I assume that it would have to have some kind of root system like the Orange Phykos and the normal seaweed, I could well be wrong. After all as you said, we dont know exactly what it is. But what I do know for certain is that I totally agree with you that it looks really cool! Just imagine the ambience it could add to ones bedroom.

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Hey Fable thanks for the support there mate. I know exactly what you mean by it looking a bit silly how the Orange Phykos can be grown in a pot completely out of water. But I also feel that like the Glowing Goop, it does look cool. Especially how it sways back and forth like it would underwater. Its almost hypnotic. It would probably actually make the most sense if both were grown in our Wells, but I can live with it.

And a nice fish pond or aquarium/pool would be nice too.

Indeed. Personally I like the way they flow. I fall into a trance quite easily. The flow does affect me, helps to fall asleep. :smile:

I had the same idea about the wells. Would be a reason for me to actually make one, if the case was as mentioned. Currently I stay by the shore of the noob river so there’s no reason to construct a well.

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No. I enjoy find it. Lol but in all seriousness it’s got a lot of spots growing in the first water source all along the trail all you need to do is swim at night in the stuff glows wonderfully! Its beautiful to see. No seeds maybe just idk increase the base amount given?

I dont object to finding it either perse, nor do I have difficulty locating it. But it would be nice to have the option of seeds if we want them. The thing is that every single other plant produces them, so why not this one? Furthermore, even if Glowing Goop did (hypothetically speaking) give us seeds, you are not obligated to use them. You are still able to harvest them manually if you so choose. So why not give people options? As I always say; the option which presents fewer options is rarely the better option.

Also just for the records sake SabunoHakia, its not just about resources in this case. As myself and others stated above, it also looks really cool and would make for a nice decoration.

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I believe the amount grown is significant only when we tweak the related parts in the server settings low enough. So in essence the amount is a trivial variable. :slightly_smiling_face:

In my case growing plants is about visuals. If I forget to get something, then it serves as a backup plan, albeit the lowest kind.

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To this I actually agree I forgot the use of the seeds is optional. So yeah. Agreed. Convinced me.

I forgot about the aesthetics of having it grow in a pot or well. NOW I AM ALL FOR IT GIVE ME THE SEEDS OF THIS GLORIOUS BEAUTIFUL PLANT! DEATH TO THE IDEA OF NO SEEDS. Lol…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I wonder how it would look if we could grow it on the walls. Maybe water them once in a while. :thinking:


It seems Ive created a monster. :laughing: No in all seriousness, thanyou a bunch for the support SabunoHakia, I think it would make a great ornament. Put it this way, if it were real I would try to grow some at my home.

And thankyou for your support too @NOGG!

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I don’t really do plants, but I sure as $h!t will if I can have a planter that is made of glass like a tank and acts as a light source too!

A YES from little old me my faithful friend


That would be cool, and made me think of a tropical aquarium. It also gave me an extended idea too.

Glow Flask - made from Glowing Goop and a Glass Flask. Set down as a placeable like any cup, but emits a subtle and cool looking blue glowing light.

Thankyou for you support my necrotic brother. :metal::smiling_imp: back at you.


Oooooh! My necromancer base NEEEEEEEEEEDS some blue glowing orbs of witchcraft! Great idea!

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Actually going off topic a bit now, as well as Goop in a Flask (this one Im sure you will like), may I also suggest…Human Heart in a Flask, and Flask filled with Blood. :smiling_imp:

Surely that would look good in a necromancers base too.

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Somehow I got an image of a flask Asterix carries around. :smile:

If you drink from it, a blue spark of waves emanates thorough your body in a flash. You feel so refreshed that you might be able to move mountains. You can’t, but you feel like it. :joy:

And if one drunks from the aforementioned red flask instead…? :smiling_imp:

We stay in Wonderland, meet the whole crew and learn how deep the rabbit hole truly goes. :joy: