Have to rebuild everything!oh well something to do!

1st building!! More coming soon!!:blush:

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Why do you have to rebuild everything?
The shape of the building on your photo looks great.

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My PS4 died(I had a lot of kool buildings)purchased my nephew’s PS4 and his died( no buildings on that console) also how do i delete photos from creative corner? I remodeled my building. I’m just taking my time starting from beginning LOL and having fun!!:grin:

Desk could also use a clean and what’s with all the knifes?:joy::wink:

All of the stuff on desk isnt mine LOL😂

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When you create a post you have a small pencil under it

So you press this pencil and you have the right to work again on your post.
Worry not fellow exile, when i visited this forum i could hardly reply to a message, hopefully a beautiful member called @Zeb ( @Bandit_Leader ) used a little cat to teach me a lot in here. I cannot help you like she did but i hope you understand :laughing:.
Keith told me that you play together, soon enough our roads will cross :hugs:, welcome fellow exile :metal:

Ps. There’s a topic running years in here…

You can upload your creations in this topic and i would suggest you to scroll it for inspiration :wink:

Our roads will cross!!:blush:My PSN is Pellett333. Ive known Keith and Cat for 4 years!!rest sweetly Cat!!:heart:🩷

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