Have to reinstall after every update

Every pointless update you guys put out makes it so i have to reinstall the game 50 gigs of my bandwith used every time abd you never fix anything dancers and incents are broken still i payed full price for this and it just keeps costing me more and more
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Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.buy conan
2.do all the updates
3. Still have the same exploits that have been there since the beginning
4.be dissapointed

do you have the cache of your xbox solved after the update? Press the power button for 10 seconds.

I think what the last poster meant to say was “have you cleared your cache?”. See the link below on the different ways to perform a hard reset of your console, which will clear it.


No dude im still craahing atleast 10 times a day in key areas leaving me dead my gane has to be reinstalled upping my bandwith usage but you guys dont fix anything this is a joke dude get you act together

Cant even enjoy a game i payed full price for thos is garrrrbage

Legitimately laying in the relic hunter city with the crash bug with full silent legion and an arch priest. cant walk outside my base without crashing its nonsense. i WOULDNT have bought this game knowing this and feel completely suckered into having to play some jimmy rigged piece of trash marketed at full price.

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Whoa… I dont work for funcom. I’m just trying to help…