Having an issue updating payment information

Hello. Been awhile since I’ve been here. I am having an issue where I want to buy Aurum to unlock a new character slot, and I believe its being denied due to my card info being old; however, no matter where I look; account on the website or ingame or the launcher, I can’t find a way to update it and thus correct the issue. I am not converted to Steam, by the by, I’m just using the downloaded launcher. Anyone know of any way to fix this? I’ve submitted a ticket but I imagine the response time is long to say the least.

When you go to buy Aurum, click on the amount you wish to purchase. It will take you to a small window that will confirm your information. There is a VERY SMALL PRINT blue highlighted area that will ask if you wish to bill card **** **** **** XXXX or change payment data.

This is quite literally the only place where you can update your on-file payment.


Also be sure when you do that, adding funds is a separate transaction, and you’ll need to click a button/link to finish buying Aurum after doing so.

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@Illesdan: I managed to find it finally after messing with it; I’m just used to WoW, SWTOR and others where there is a website the updating can be done, not an in game option. I did manage to buy what I need, so I’m good now. Also, thanks to @rephaim for the help as well.


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