Having at least one admin in every official server for 8 hours per day


You sure about that? Besides, WoW, Guild Wars 2, another example. An MMO with actual methods to gain ongoing funding from it’s players (Gemstore), and it still can take days or weeks to hear back about a ticket. And that has paid expansions too. Final Fantasy’s MMO’s also cost a purchase of the game + a monthly fee. ESO costs a purchase of it’s game and/or expansions, along with a cash shop, AND a monthly fee option. And they all STILL take days or weeks to respond to game tickets. Heck, ARK, with its SUBSTANTIALLY larger sales then Conan doesn’t have what you demand either. Seeing a pattern yet?

Bottom line, this discussion is one of those where it’s been discussed to death (you can do a basic search if you want to see all the 500 others).

  1. No, they aren’t going to shift resources from developers to 40-80 hour admin service (cause lets be real, it will never be enough. There used to be 0 report service, now they have several employees who process tickets regarding bans daily, and it’s STILL not enough. They don’t even charge you for it.)
  1. No, they aren’t going to have admin volunteers. That was given an official response, though you already pointed out some of the red flags as to why this won’t ever be a thing.

  2. Testerle is 10000% correct.

Make your choice, you either cease virtually all development (you said this was appropriate in your earlier comment, so guess that’s where you stand for some weird reason), or you agree to pay a premium for additional admin support (it still won’t be instant on the spot admin support like you think it would be).


Ok, I concede both of your points. Fair enough. I think I pushed my argument as far as it could go without stretching it to desperate half-arguments.

I do still think it would be beneficial to overall game health to have a schedule where admins are logged in where players could contact them directly though.

Admins would be moot, if the undermeshing was fixed, if reporting a player/clan worked, if FCs own rules were upheld by FC…then you wouldnt require an admin.

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Also a good point

Besides, players already have the choice to move to servers that do have Admins on them: private servers. I wish I could charge for my hours moderating my servers - but as it stands it’s the other way around and I end up paying to have them dabble about whilst I look on, bowl of popcorn - or tranquilisers - at hand.

Even at minimum wage, you’d be looking at around ten units of cash per hour (basic minimum wage) for each official server (around a thousand lets say) so about 20k per day and 600k per month. Hell, at that rate I’d volunteer for a ten hour day everyday - more if coffee was thrown in. Not sure how that is recuperated from players, but am sure it would be widely greeted in one way or the other.

I agree. I would even go a step further and say that the game itself does not require a Game Master to take the Babysitter Duty. BUT they need people with Vision if they keep developing the game.

People with Vision, in my eyes sind our most beloved modders. I can only speak for myself, but i know for sure that i am not alone. Without Mods i would have not been here at this time.

It is absolutely correct that Modders have saved this game. If it wasn’t for Mods such as Pippi and others the population would be cut in half or more, and that is exactly where the problem is. I have stated basically what I am about to say in another thread and was told pretty much that I am an idiot but it is true so I will say it again.

when the mod people produce a mod that solves a bug or fixes a glaring game play issue it takes the pressure off of Funcom to fix said issues and allows them concentrate on creating more problems (unintentionally of course) instead of focusing on fixing problems and solving issues.

With that being said thank goodness for the modding community and I am sure everyone wants them to continue.

So as usual this is my opinion, if yours is different that’s awesome as well…I’m not arguing it just saying how I see it.

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Honestly, I just don’t know why Funcom has official servers at this point. They really should (if not already) put a policy in place to eliminate low population servers. If fewer than 5 unique players log in over 7 days, it goes on notice. Over the next month, every player that logs in gets a log in message warning of impending server closure.

With the ability to travel between Siptah and EL, which are effectively different servers, I suspect the ability to character transfer between servers gets a lot easier and allow for players to transfer off a dying server as needed.

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