Having Trouble Finding True Indigo

Probably a dumb question but I’m having trouble finding True Indigo on PS4. Where is the best place to find this plant?

Hello there, if you want a general vicinity on the map, follow the stream west, then south from the pirate ship, and hang a right. The bushes are orange, with berries. Light blue looks amazing.

Between Claw Outcrop and Waterhole Outlook.

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Hm not sure where that stuff is. I’m still not familiar with names of places and landmarks. I’m near the big unfinished bridge and I’ve been up and down the creek with all of the waterfalls and didn’t see anything so I’m not sure if that’s what you mean or not.

I think I found a lot of this in the dark forest west of the highlands.
I’m on PC but I don’t imagine the resource distribution would be different.

Yes you are right it’s by the dark swamp forest area which is northeast and North of the new area on the east, it looks like a dark green area in the map.

Ok so if I’m near the massive broken bridge then I need to head northeast toward the swampy area?

yes follow the river that goes through the middle across the map

you might want to build a couple of fiber bedrolls and stone and wood with a campfire with enough food to camp through the night.

Right on thanks!

I went looking for aloe and by luck found the little patch of indigo that @Barnes mentioned after searching high and low for indigo the last three days. I went naked and borrowed a clan members scythe (he’ll never know :grimacing:) and got over 200 indigo from that little bunch of plants then made it all the way home alive! :pray: This increased my love for this game x1000. My armor is all blue and light blue now. Amazing!! Looks spectacular in the desert lighting.
There was aloe, a little amount. BUT I FOUND INDIGO :v:

Where exactly was this at?

If you know where the pirate ship is, open map. When looking at the map it’s just to the right of the pirate ship. Along the riverbank. Best I can do is a pic of location on my tv screen :smile: it’s marked as a little leaf icon


Thanks so much!

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Good luck :smiley: it’s quite an adventure lol


Lol I’ve been up that way just wasn’t looking for true indigo at the time :sweat_smile:

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See the little green patch just up and to the left? That’s a tiny oasis. Be careful about BIG things that live in tiny oases.

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