Having weapons rebalanced

i think maybe you should maybe look at the current weapons you have in the game and maybe rebalance them to either make them useable or weaker. Like the katanas in this game are completely unuseable in the game. U nerfed the havoc and malice, and whirlwind blades so much that its unuseable. I would suggest biffing it a lil to maybe 50 dmg cause they r a legendary weapons from the unamed city

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There is no point in adding new weapons to the game if your just going to leave all the other weapons behind and not balanced out. The blackheart blade and hammer should atleast hit harder by a tiny bit or as hard as teliths sword and should not cause corruption. But the real version of the weapons should not cause instant corruption up 2 half. But like u gain it from swinging it. If hit by it you should gain massive corrpution quick and hit harder then the fake versions

I totally agree with you on that, i also think katanas need to be reworked or overhauled. These new weapons and types can maybe add a more severe debuff. Like great axes and katanas could do a more severe buff of bleeding and maybe either great axe or katana have a hidden chance for crits. Warhammers can have a concussive debuff where it makes ur screen look like ur drunk and reduces stamina regen.

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Agreed, to me legendary weapons should be only about their uniqueness, maybe a little more powerful than regular star metal weapons, but not enough to encourage people to farm them.

  • Pretty much every weapon feels stronger than 1h swords, correct me if i’m wrong but they kinda suck. Also is easy to get rid of crippling but not sunder or bleeding, they could have some love.
  • Dual wielding sword and axe deal less damage than the sword alone, with faster combo rotation, but without any kind of hyperarmor.
  • Dual wielding axes is kinda stupid if you finish with the heavy combo, it drains too much stamina and deals little damage,i hate it.
  • Javelins as a 1h weapon kinda sucks for me too without the shield to spam the first attack, their combo misses everything and even with autotarget misses automatically.
  • Katanas are not my favorite weapons and for me are kind of out of place but i guess they have a good selling value for all those katana fans out there. leaving that aside i like their light combos, i wish i could have it with a weapons that can actually use a heavy combo.
  • Great axes are kinda cool but the spin attack is a no-no, please remove that nonsense and replace it with the old great sword combo, it will fit well.
  • Shortswords are very cool, i like how it feels to use them but they move too much forward, if they could move less that would be awesome.
  • 1h Maces are too strong even after the nerf, they are cool but i would like other weapons to be on par on them.
  • Spear light attacks could use some move forward, just my opinion, feels weird to attack and stay on the same place
  • Bows in general are kinda lame, the heavy shot is a joke graphically, out of place imo. I would limit the amount of ammo usable by the bow but make it very powerful, at long distances.

As someone who used these weapons a lot before the nerf I can say they were too strong. I can’t agree with the need to reduce both damage and durability as much as they did, though, but they’ve been my primary weapon even post-nerf (yes, I made a new pair to test them because the existing ones retained the old damage and durability). I dislike the need to repair them so often, but they’re still perfectly usable.

Maybe they were nerfed a bit heavy-handedly, but they’re not “unuseable”, and using hyperbole for feedback is really unhelpful. Katanas are not “completely unuseable” either. They’re bad, but not completely unuseable. Fact, not emotion, is essential for balancing a game.

Have you tried useing a katana against a pvp player? Ull lose, hands down. Not enough gimmicks or anything to help offset the other weapons. I do agree its fan based pleaser but as of right now. There is no katana wielder in pvp not unless thats the last resort wep they can get to cause they got killed. I like how the katana looks and all, just wish it had a better move set and other things that help balance it out. There is also no new legendary katanas to help off balance end game legendaries now

40 dmg for daggers kinda sucks.i do like the reach and all but they dont hit as hard as they used to which was i think 60 dmg with a wep dmg kit. I think they could buff it up a lil by returning its old durability and increasing the dmg to 45 to 47 . Havoc and malice could hit maybe 48 to 50 with the added effect of the black ice broad sword

not the frigid bite part but the slower attack speed and more stun or flinch ratio on hit

No, but that’s just one context. You can’t say a weapon is completely unuseable just because it doesn’t work in one particular situation.

47 is the damage of The Grim, the second-highest-damage legendary daggers. I actually started to use The Grim post-nerf to compare the advantages of the two. I love the higher durability of The Grim, but the reach of Whirlwind Blades is a definite advantage, especially against enemies with weird hitboxes, like the Giant Spider.

The weird thing is, Havoc & Malice and Whirlwind Blades have Armor penetration of 0, out of all dagger-type weapons. Havoc & Malice I almost understand, as they pretend to be axes, but not Whirlwind blades.

Anyway, they’re craftable, so they shouldn’t be better than non-craftable legendaries in all regards. I do agree that they went a bit too heavy-handed with their “rebalancing”, but let’s agree not to use expressions like “unuseable” for anything that can still be used.

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