Weapons need a complete overhaul

I think the weapons need to be completely overhauled. As it stands right now most weapons are just plain out useless and/or dont really hit hard enough to make up the difference in these weapons

Maces- Needs a new moveset ingeneral and add a new debuff that it can give ( i suggest something like a concussion, where its like the drunken state in conan. But with like a max lvl of 2) also i think the sundering needs to happen more often.

Warhammer- as it stands it is still useable but very hard to use. But it could have a higher rate of sundering to lvl 10 and again with the concussion debuff but with a max lvl of 5 which would b like the max lvl of the drunke n state.

Katana- as it stands it is plain out unusable despite it looking cool and all. Needs a new moveset and make it to it has a special move where its a dash foward since the style of useing a katana is kinda like flowing water. Needs a damage pump.

Great Axe- its unuseable, too slow and has a terrible moveset. Needs a new move set and just have the spinning move as its special move. Needs a slight damage pump and the bleeding perk happen more often.

Short swords- needs a new moveset because it current one is mainly focusing like if it was a rapier. A moveset similar to the swords would be nice and make it swing faster since it is a short sword so the weight difference in actually swinging one would b lighter.

If you like my suggestions or would like to make ur own suggestions please feel free to comment

All weapons have a debuff except the Great Axe it seems
Some require 4 hits others only 2

Ive used all the weapons and the debuffs work provided youve executed them correctly.

Miss once and you start over.

What we dont want is the game to made too easy for those who dont understand the mechanics of how to fight.

Be very careful when calling for a nerf or damage output.

Just saying…

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