Heal over time buff from consumables broken

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [US]

Any debuff applied from a weapon like sunder or cripple, uppon that debuff expiring it will cancel the heal over time from a consumable.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Take damage from a weapon that applies a debuff like cripple or sunder.
  2. Consume any item that will provide a heal over time
  3. Wait for debuff to expire. This will stop the healing.

it’s not a bug but intended mechanics, run cure all or set antidote

The intended mechanics are to stop heal when taking damage. Not when a debuff expires. This event is not taking place upon taking the damage that causes the debuff but upon the debuff expiring.

As shown here. Unless you can show me a patch note that explicitly says that healing stopped upon debuff expiring, this is a bug and needs to be corrected.

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Cripple deals damage, poison deals damage, so it’s pretty obvious that this debuffs will remove healing. Sunder could not remove healing

Cripple is a movement emparment. Not a damage debuff. Poison and bleed are DoT’s (damage over time).
Cripple: reduce movement speed of afficted.
Sunder: reduce armor value of afflicted.
Two of these will break healing or HoT (heal over time) as per prior patch as they deal damage per ticket.
Two of these deal no damage at all, and thus the only damage taken was the ORIGINAL attack that applied the status effect. Those would be sunder and and cripple.
Both of these effects, upon expiring (no longer effecting the target), will cause healing to stop if active on player upon expiring.

Now before you make another post protesting all of these status effects do damage. You need to go and test this yourself.

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crap, i’ve misunderstood debuff names, sorry :frowning:

No worries mate. Please read with more care before posting next time. Water under the bridge now. Onward to a fix.

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