Healing Waterskin worthless after Hotfix 2.0.5

Game mode: Official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: US

Healing Waterskin use to heal player for ~50% of health. After Hotfix 2.0.5, it now heals somewhere between 1-5%.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Grind a boss near Chamber of Scales for hours.
  2. Get Healing Waterskin.
  3. ???
  4. Cry as you realize an incredibly useful item is now hot garbage.

Personal thought on this is as follows -

The “rebalance” of the healing water skin falls in line with all of other healing items being rendered near useless in combat scenarios.

Healing wraps animation makes them only effective out of combat. Healing arrows +regen tic is low enough to be non-functional after the healing changes. Animations for aloe potions make them easy interrupt the regeneration effect (Plus the weight, which requires spending points in encumbrance to counterbalance).

From a personal view this seems to be an attempt to force-funnel players (PvP and PvE) into the rank 4 vitality perk to get functional healing from any item. Without it, the amount of healing from any item is pitiful.


I am running 40pts in vitality. The item is completely worthless in this state. It does not fit into the PvP or PvE gameplay cadences at all because it will literally heal you for 5 points of health.

It’s not a change listed in the patch notes and it certainly isn’t what anyone would consider a “rebalance”. Get it and try it out for yourself.


The healing was completely destroyed, every item is worthless now

If this is not a bug and is intended, From a balance standpoint, I understand this change. a Waterskin that heals 50% of your health does not sound balanced by any means. Sounds more like an item they missed for the healing rebalance.

10hp for a Waterskin drink to me actually seems pretty decent, considering Waterskins already heal for nothing. If you combine that with Exotic Feasts, thats some pretty decent instant healing as long as you don’t get hit.

Also you or someone else mentioned having issues with Wraps times. The higher tier potions and wraps have faster animations, its not that difficult to get them off in combat sometimes. but does require skill.

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The least you could do is document the changes. If its not documented in the update notes many players will keep spending hours trying to get this now useless thing. Also players will go into dangerous situations thinking their healing waterskin is still working normal.
PLEASE document changes in the update notes, it is not that difficult…
Just to clarify, i am NOT complaining about the changes, i am complaining about those changes not been documented in the update notes.

I agree that 50% is a bit too powerful but in its current state, there is no place for this item. In fighter spec, players will have > 520 HP @ lvl 60. This means that you are getting less than 2% of your HP per use. The item provides a total of 15 uses (all of which provide less water than a normal waterskin, might I add) which brings the total possible heal to 30% HP. That is assuming the player does not spam the item and effectively times uses between heals. Spamming the item will yield < 10% HP in total.

I would consider these figures to be fair and balanced if the item were not a legendary that required a fairly significant grind to acquire. The Healing Waterskin, in its current state, would be useful in the very early levels when you have < 100 HP. Beyond that, it’s entirely worthless. It doesn’t offset the damage from a single hit from any mob you’d be fighting @ lvl 60.


It doesn’t necessarily need to offset damage though. Its a Waterskin, that heals when you drink it. Unlike any other waterskin, that in of itself, makes it legendary or unique. If you start dying to dehydration, and you drink it, and get healed 10hp, thats 10hp that you didn’t have to use with a wrap or a potion. Its basically an economic waterskin.

Upon further testing, it heals 5hp, and if your at a water source, it basically gives you infinite healing. Thats actually pretty damn good in this new healing world. You can heal to full entirely just by drinking this thing at a water source, and if you combine it with food, easily get yourself to max health without any resource cost.

I think if the healing was buffed any higher, it could be really OP. people wouldn’t use bandages or food, and just guzzle water.

So nerfed, I had literally just gotten this. Oh well, all good. Guess I’ll revert to my other just as good heals.

I am sorry but the healing waterskin atm is worse than the lifeblood spear in terms of healing :slight_smile:

By the time you heal with it, you can go handpick a few aloes and come back and use a newbie healing wrap. It will be quicker for sure :slight_smile:


I am sorry but the healing waterskin atm is worse than the lifeblood spear :slight_smile:

No reason to apologize :slightly_smiling_face:

Comparing a Waterskin to a Weapon though is drastically different.

By the time you heal with it, you can go handpick a few aloes and come back and use a newbie healing wrap. It will be quicker for sure :slight_smile:

That is correct, but why would it need to be compared with the speed of gathering resources and crafting a bandage? Especially if your at a location without Aloe, like a Leyshrine or Dungeon in Siptah. And its a resource Free, heal. That’s incredibly powerful. Meaning you don’t have to use any resource at all, its just free. I’m not saying it doesn’t need to be tweaked, what I’m saying is that its far from useless.

You seem to be ignoring the fact that this is not a common item. I would ask that you go farm for the item and see what sort of grind it requires. It drops from a tanky boss that cannot be bled or poisoned (though it is susceptible to gouge) at a rate that makes it one of the rarest items in the game.

10HP is inexcusably bad and you seem to be missing that, rationalizing that it is somehow justified in certain circumstances or simply because it is a unique effect. I do not understand why you would argue that this is an acceptable change. The item may as well not exist if it’s not even marginally as good as anything else that provides a heal in the game. One tick of healing from sated does more for your health than the Healing Waterskin. That is broken, and not in the sense that it is overpowered.

To be clear, it provides you reduced points to your thirst gauge (15 vs 25 on a normal waterskin) and a fraction of the healing as quite literally the worst heals you can get in the game. It is worthless.

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Sure. It only takes several hours of this to get a single drop :wink:. I don’t have a problem with the grind and farming for things in the game. The issue is that when a highly sought after item becomes worthless, the grind is no longer worth it. For those of us that have already gone through the trouble of getting the item to drop, this is a real kick in the teeth.

Having said that, the focus of this post is to call attention to the ninja changes to the Healing Waterskin (which is now, in fact, absolute trash). With healing being such a big deal in the game since the Siptah changes, this item needs more attention.

Well I guess this must be Funcoms way of making players not bother farming this as it is now worthless then a cheap newbie wrap.

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I agree with you,as hard as the healing waterskin is to get, FunCom needs to adjust it back to what it was before,or at least something fairly close to that

The nerf isn’t entirely unanticipated. Healing for 50% was definitely too much. It completely removed the need for anything else to heal you. It could have been nerfed down to 25% and been perfectly acceptable though. You can’t spam the item to stack the healing effect so you would have to wait to use it a second time to get more HP back.

I think a more appropriate nerf would’ve just been to make the healing effect span a longer period of time such that you get 50% of your HP back but it’s across 60 seconds or something along those lines.

Longer duration, half less heal, heal interruption, heal animation. I mean, what’s so hard to do those? Instead they give something that adds you 5 hp… i get more from passive healing.

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Could stop rebalancing and fix actual bugs that everyone ask to be fixed… but they “fix” that everyone likes so feels more than they want to get rid of players …
Fixed :

  • Rebalanced healing system ( now worse then ever )
  • Rebalanced thrall HP and enemy damage ( Vault bosses almost instakilled T3 thrall )
  • Maked map on PVE ( everyone steals thralls, build diks around , walls … )
  • Rebalanced waterskin HP ( less than rough wraps…)
  • Taked out food healing ( why? )
  • Fixed dress insulation ( right , like wtf, godbreaker now has tier 3 protecttion to both , while those who warmed u make u freeze,thats how i lost my castle and items when i joined game because could not make any stuff and died multiple times )
  • Fixed glowing goop brightness in vaults ( ruined fiend boss attack to give fatal error and also his attacks now are like those goops, bright than light)

Not fixed :

  • Abuser builders ( Could add freelancer proffesion like forum mods, but trustable players as admins to server, like choosen of asuras maybe can be admins in offic server if they are choosen? " NO " )
  • Glowing goop ( Still bright…)
  • Bottles CAN be blocked by foundations ( yep…still )
  • U get stuck in horse or rhino till u die
  • Thralls wwill lobotomize themselfs in doorframes ( Still like half year more)
  • also manny more who i dont remember, llike random climbing disabling while climbing… Or empty chests…

All what is done is more to kill fun out of game then actuall fix it… :frowning:


It’s funny how people now post in bug section everything they want to complain about.
The change to waterskin was an intended nerf.