Unnerf healing or reduced the weight of all potions and healing items

Topic. As a SINGLE player it’s tough on your own. I play offline mode. So ZERO allies for ps4. I find it annoying the devs didn’t think about offline mode when healing was nerf. Healing and potions got nerf. So reduced the weight by 80% to balance the nerf. Or undo the nerf.

The healing mechanic is working as intended, just activate god mode if your playing single player to avoid healing for sure.

The way healing is now is that it allows healing to be interrupted when someone takes damage.

Food and drink can be made to counter temperature, and better quality food can give buffs to stats.


You’re a fanboy. I shouldn’t be forced to cheat to beat the game.

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i 2nd this idea, they need to remove the smg stops regen mechanic, it kind defeats the whole purpose of healing items

Sadly single player runs off the same coding multi player does and the healing mechanic works fine just like when you lose stamina in the water now.

Healing items are all about useless right now.

Bandages break when moving, okay fine I can understand that.
Take damage food stops healing. Cool. But things like ambrosia, aloe extract, ect are basically healing potions. They should be the one thing that persists.

What’s funny is the 30 vitality perk breaks the fuсking game, but you decided to NERF potions.

There is absolutely zero reason to make aloe extract and ambrosia as well as other items. Food does the same thing and takes care of hunger boosts stats ect.

So you have two options really, either change how potions work so they are viable and useful, or just remove them from the game.

If you wanted to stop people from spamming potions there’s ways to do that that doesn’t involve making them useless.

Diminishing returns for example, make a tolerance of toxicity system where you reach a thresh hold and it starts to poison you instead or just stops working.

How many complaint threads do you make dude? You are complaining about things that no one else has an issue with in every thread. Just stop


That sounds awesome!
Though I think healing is just fine as it is. It has been way too overpowered in testlive. (everyone was just facetanking everything, gulping down those bottles)
Also as you speak of poison… Survival 40th (immune to poison) would have an heavier impact, as it would allow people to keep using healing items. (Though I would say only potions and meals should be affected by that. Bandages (and possibly ambrosia?) should be usable infinitly.)

You aren’t forced to cheat and current system makes more sense.
Only thing should be changed for healing is fixing dancer buff

Vitality perk needs changed. It’s way too strong.

It negates extreme temperature damage all together, and makes the need for bandages and pots nil. Potions have no use. I have stacks and stacks sitting in my base that I don’t use. I don’t need to. Why carry 20+ wt of potions when I can just gobble down food that weighs significantly less and offers more benefit?

Makes zero sense. If pots are going to be like this they might as well just remove them.

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The PVE servers are dying. And your telling me no unnerfing to healing is needed. Take a look. I see 0/20 as an example. So many damn servers with 0.

No, this is a stupid post. If you want to play as a god, use the god mode…

There are good reasons why healing is limited.

It’s you again… Servers have lost people because of bugs, not because you can’t use op healing all the time. I still think you are trolling…

They Nerfed the 30 vitality perk hp gain quite a lot, so this is more balanced now.

And what’s funny is, when I’m kinda low on health, it’s easier to just die to go back to 50% health. No healing item used.

Imo all those nerf should only activate at 50% HP.

To nerf the use of potions indefinitely, can adopt the Witcher 3’s Toxic Level mechanic. We can still heal with food indefinitely in TW3 though, but here when the hunger indicator is full, food stops healing. But in TW3 there are a lot of powerups, sharpen weapon on grindstone can buff damage for a while, decoction potions that give various status. The whole combat mechanic in TW3 is actually good and force the use of preparation in every tough battle, but all those powerups is again limited by Toxic Level.

Maybe it is just about adding a setting to single player or the server. I would not use it tho…

Every thread you make is about how you don’t like how the game is set up. Nerf enemies, buff weapons, buff healing items. At a certain point, maybe you just need to realize this game or genre just isn’t for you. You want them to change pretty much every system in place this game has to fit your own idea of what it should be.

You remind me of Ark’s ■■■ kissers. Then I reminder them of single player offline mode. Then they try to pull this game for multi player. Then I stated it has single player offline mode.

I’m thinking that you just want more settings to change the single player game. That is not the worst request in the world but don’t ask to change the balance of the multiplayer game just for you.

There are a lot of people that like the balance in the game as it is right now.

Probably because its so easy, that everyone already finished? :joy:

And of course, like FightzGamer said, because of bugs and exploits.

Then let me remind you:
Singleplayer works via serversettings, which can be accessed via mainmenu. There you can create your very own experience.
Yes, they did forget a few sliders. Healing received and BossHP are two examples…