Healing Items not working as they used to

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Bug Performance
Region: North america

Bandages only restore 30 Hp and all food and potion restoration can be stoped in combat now.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Use a bandage
2.Us a aloe extract in combat.
3.use a food item in combat

Read patch notes.

Yep potions are pretty much useless now. Better off with food and bandages cheaper to make do the same job.

I don’t mind damage breaks healing but it sucks during a sandstorm if I get caught out . Using food auto stops every sec.
Guess I must craft the stupid Jawa looking sand mask thing I was trying to avoid putting points into.

If you worship Set, just craft the Setite mask.

No need for investing points into the sandstorm breathing mask, as the Setite mask works as a sandstorm breathing mask and it literally weighs nothing. .03 if memory serves me right.

If you do not worship Set, then either go find him in the world or if you have a friend on your server, have them craft you one of these masks.

Have to love people that will take the time to come to the boards to gripe but wont take the time to read patch notes…

I guess you get a pass though because it seems the devs dont even read them…lol

Unfortunately, the devs did a balance pass on all health regen options. You can blame the PvP community for that. While I understand PvP fights probably dragged on, the balance crippled the rest of us. Exery single fight requires you to use more than one healing option while standing still just to recover. I now pop a desert berry every few minutes like clockwork. At least I receive some health regen while avoiding attackers. It doesn’t matter much. The next time I get hit, my health plummets again causing to run more and pop berries. Really stupid.

The problem is you are eating berries and not something better like exotic meat.

PVP fights drug on because of health regen and stimina glitches. Those should have been fixed first before they decided whether or not healing items needed a tweak.