Health buff bug

hello everyone I would like to report a bug regarding vitality buffs.
I buff myself + 60 vitality with a food or a potion or even a double buff with the 2.
if I eat a meal . once the state of “full” is over. the buffs. although always displays cancels. and especially the amount that was buffed, is subtracted from the total of life points that I have at the start.

example I have 700 hp. with the buffs and the full state I have 830 hp. if i eat a meal at the end of these. instead of recovering my 700 hp. I will only have 580.

The only way to debug is to die.

is this bug known to funcom?

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Known to me and I have already reported it. Don’t know if Funcom devs received it.

I can promise you they did. Question is will they do something about it :yawning_face:

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