Health going down when you eat

Anyone else notice that when you eat your health goes down a bit then moves back up?

You get flat HP bonus when your Hunger icon is completely filled. Just observe it: when you are half hungry, check your HP. Eat until your hunger icon is full, then check your HP again.

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Yes, this bug has been unsolved for a very long time. Someone forgot a positive or negative sign somewhere, didn’t they?

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It’s not a bug, it’s a matter of confusing UI + lack of feedback to the user on their action (full food meter gives you a temporary boost to maximum HP).
Yeah, probably could/should be changed, but: not a bug. And probably placed somewhere near the bottom of the priority list.


It’s not a bug. Your HP gets up by a flat amount when your hunger icon is full after you eat something.

Ah! I’ve been wondering about that one for ages - didn’t mind it so much under the old healing system, but the appearance made it seem a bit punishing under the new system. That explains why I could never quite narrow down the cause - happens when food meter already full, but sometimes doesn’t (obviously I was still within the period of the first buff, so the bar had no need to change). Good to know what’s actually going on :slight_smile:

tks guys

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