Health Going Down When I eat

Is this a known bug? Or should I report it?

I’ve noticed that sometimes when I eat my health goes down by a sizeable chunk before it regens. Basically I’m just wasting food and ending up more injured than I was.

Raw food can give you food poisoning. Is the food you’re eating cooked?

It’s cooked food and not giving me food poisoning. Seems to be all food too - it just happens randomly. I’ll lose 10% of my health when I eat it and then the regen starts :expressionless:

I have seen this with certain types of food. health goes down when you eat the first piece then regenerates up. But I think you will find it regenerates more when this happens, least that is the impression I’ve gotten.

I’ve often noticed this but I think it may be a display bug. Probably the bar is showing too much health, then when you heal it corrects the display so it appears that you lose health to start with.

There are other display bugs when it comes to health such as only showing 200 hp whenever you log in.

This. I thought the same thing when it happened to me the first few times. lol

Oh right. I never actually realized that. Kind of like when you go from frostbite to extremely cold to very cold.

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Definitely this. It’s not all that intuitive, so until you realize what’s going on it feels like a bug.


Same happens with thirst. If you get full water after drinking you get a small stamina buff by 9 points.

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I wish they would just increase your health/stamina instead of only doing the max. It’s a lot better for your players’ heart health.:joy:

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