Eating food causes an inital health loss

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Bug

Eating food causes an initial health loss, maybe poorly cooked or seasoned but a bit drastic anyway.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Eat something
  2. Cry as your health goes down a bit
  3. Health starts regenerating

Its actually eating gives you a buff, so your max health increases and muat be regenerated.


That would make sense, but not getting any buff. Maybe Im missing something.

I’ve noticed the same on PS4, I haven’t checked to see if you actually lose hp or if the health bar just lowers. Maybe I’ll give it a look next time I’m playing.

You are getting a buff, it just doesn’t show a buff icon.

When your food is at 100, you get a 5% bonus to max health. Check your max health next time before you eat.
It’s the same with stamina and water. 100 water gives a 5% bonus to stamina until it drops to 99.

It merely ‘looks’ like your health is dropping as the bar is a percentage. If you gain more max health, your current health is a lower percentage of the total.

Wow, there are so many threads on this. I guess I’ll go answer more of them!

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The easy thing would be to put the buff under status, just to avoid confusion. Can anything remove it? Because its happened during some fights. Not much of a buff if it lasts a few secs.

It’s based on current food level, so it lasts more than a few seconds. You lose the bonus when your food drops below 100. There’s no downside to having this buff as it doesn’t lower your current HP.

But it’s only 5% so it’s not much of a buff anyway, it’s just a ‘nice to have’ I suppose.

I use food as my main source of healing so I pretty much always have 100 food in combat.

I just timed it. Being outside with 0 Survival, my food remained at 100 for exactly 5 minutes before dropping to 99. Food and water both drop more more quickly when below 100.

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^^ He/She knows the stuff.

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Just a little bit. :wink:

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