Eating food takes health away

Each time I eat any food it takes my health bar down.

Are you sure it’s not the food buff boosting your hitpoints?


If you are full on hunger meter, as @UltraViolent says, you get hp boost that fills up for a brief time.

The guys is right, even eating the basic buffless food takes a chunk of health off immediately so you lose health more than u gain it.

Not too bad if you t3 Vitality but pretty annoying none the less.

Aye saw this last night, lost like 6-8% of my bar when I ate some food.
Doesn’t happen every time though so not sure what causes it.

As already described, when your food meter is full, you get bonus Max HP but no Current HP. Thus it looks like you’re losing HP. Not a bug, just slightly confusing UI.


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