Eating diminishes health

So I noticed something awhile ago and hoped it would go away but it didn’t. Why when I eat to fill up my hunger does my health drop…I mean it doesn’t drop a lot but I am eating. My health should not drop at all. This must be a bug. Any one else seen this happening when you eat.

Not a bug. When you eat and are “full” you gain a small amount of health to your total but that has to be regened so it looks like your health drops but it actually stays the same but your max has gone up.

It is a bit confusing to see at first.


Yeah, the UI is at fault here. The health indicator is a fixed-size bar, so when you gain the health bonus from being fully sated, the ratio of your current health to your max health changes, and it looks like you lost health.

They should fix it by making an extra chunk appear at the end of your health bar, drawn in such a way that it’s clear that it’s a temporary bonus.


I see, ok, thanks all for the answers. Greatly appreciated. Yes, they should do something about that. Adding a piece would be a great idea imo. Make that chunks outline in yellow instead of what the rest of the bar is outlined in maybe.


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