Question about Health

This is one thing about health, or HP that has me confused since the beginning.
Now I know that eating food gives you a buff of 5% health. So my character sits at 420 with the buff, and loses it when food drops below 100, so she sits at 400. Well that is fine, but eventually her max hp keeps dropping anyway, even with 100 food. Yesterday she was at 398 max. This seems to happen when you have a lot of things on you, I was raiding places…but I don’t know.

This happened when I respeced my stats through the admin panel. Is the game punishing me for cheating?

So how do I know what my real max health is supposed to be? It says I have a bonus of 200 from vitality. Why does it keep dropping? It wasn’t doing any of that before I changed my stats. This had happened with my old character last year too.
When I go back to my base and unload everything and then eat, the health goes back to normal. But it never messed around until I changed my stats. So what is going on?

My guess is there are server settings and stat modifiers that are in play. The admin panel does not penalize you for using it.

I would look at your server settings to determine how they are affecting your HP.

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I redid my stats yet a second time though, and now the bug, if that is what it is, no longer happens. My HP only decreases after the food buff is gone, which makes me think the problem was how stats work together, or some bonus I no longer had.
I will check in my server settings because yes, I have messed around there, and I know those settings are saved when you start a new character. This might explain why both my characters had the same problem, if it is indeed related to a setting I messed with.

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