Eating food lowers HP still

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Misc]
Region: [Europe]

Eating food sometimes lowers your HP for no reason.
This bug has been around for a while apparently and i think it needs to be brought to your attention again.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Eat food (“Shredded Roast” or any cooked meat for example)
2.Loose health …sometimes.
3. If it does not work immediately try waiting a bit and eat then

I confirm that. It happens sometimes. Needs to be fixed. We lose health a bit then recover another bit.

I would say you should look at your actual HP from the inventory screen rather than the bar. I noticed that eating cooked lobster would lower my percentage of HP from looking at the health bar. What had happened instead was that my maximum HP was increased and so that meant the percentage of maximum health I had was lower, thus decreasing the health bar since it only shows your health as a percentage and not an absolute value.

My maximum health went from 440 to 462, which is a 5% increase.

I’m not sure if this is what is happening to you, but do check to see if it is the case. Even so it could still be a bug, but instead of lowering your HP it’s increasing your maximum?


This does seem to happen to me but I always assumed it was actually raising my over all HP for some reason.

When your food is at 100, you get a 5% bonus to max health. Check your max health next time before you eat.
It’s the same with stamina and water. 100 water gives a 5% bonus to stamina until it drops to 99.

It merely ‘looks’ like your health is dropping as the bar is a percentage. If you gain more max health, your current health is a lower percentage of the total.

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I think there is some kind of glitch here, im currently at 30 vitality with only 440 hp (462 after eating full)…at 30 vitality i should have 560 hp…

No, you should not have 560 HP at 30 vitality. 440 is correct.

Base HP = 200
1 Vitality = 8 HP


And with the +5% from having 100 food:

Was vitality nerfed at some point? Well, thanks anyway

No. It gives the same amount as it did when I bought the game in Feb, 2017.

it’s exactly that.

More of a visual illusion than a bug. The bar is just an indication.

Can confirm this as well. A portion of the health drops, and then starts to regenerate.

If you eat food to 100 you get a max health buff. Your max HP goes up so it looks like your health goes down, but its just adjusting the bar for the new Max. Pay attention to your max health value when you eat food to 100 and you won’t see non existing bugs and recognize a buff. Now the delay after regeneration stops that makes food not trigger another regenerate IS a bug in my opinion.