Eating Cooked Food - Causing Damage

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Game mode: Online | Multiplayer US-PVE Server 2730
Problem: Food | Bug | Loss of health
Region: US

Repro steps:

  1. Cook any kind of meat, fish, shellfish

  2. Eat cooked food for HP regen buff

  3. Randomly; eating will cause a 5-10% loss in health that now has to regenerate that loss as well as your previous lost HP.

  4. This is random but it happens very often, often enough that it almost got me killed a few times and the wasted food is a nuissance. It does not matter which quality of food, randomly you will eat and loose a chunk of HP. This is happening to my friend as well so it is not a lone issue.

You are getting a buff, it just doesn’t show a buff icon.

When your food is at 100, you get a 5% bonus to max health. Check your max health next time before you eat.
It’s the same with stamina and water. 100 water gives a 5% bonus to stamina until it drops to 99.

It merely ‘looks’ like your health is dropping as the bar is a percentage. If you gain more max health, your current health is a lower percentage of the total.

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That is good to know. I thought it was a bug as well.